1. Pud Wacking

    Wack off.

    Wacking off is very amusing thing to do. Been doing it since a youngster. Discreetly wacking off in my room at night before falling asleep. It helps me fall asleep so now a habit. Have you made a habit wacking off before sleep or first thing in the morning or in the shower? Wacking off is such...
  2. H

    Need help (ID of the guy in this vid)

    So I found this short vid of this guy masturbating years ago on Twitter and just stumbled across it again (I saved it on my phone long ago so don't ask me where I got it from). If you know who this is, please tell me his name. Thanks!
  3. Man-made lube

    Man-made lube

    Getting more horny the older I get, I started something new that brings a lot of pleasure. On days during my workweek when I need some quick relief, I'll jack off and cum into a vial and freeze it for later use. During one or both of my days off each week (depending on how horny I am), I'll put...
  4. S

    State College, PA this Thursday!

    Hey! I’m a thin 36 year old white male and will be in State College, PA this Thursday for work! Looking to see if there are any couples looking for a 3rd or if there are anyone looking for a JO bud for the night! I’ll have a room so don’t worry about hosting. Hit me up on kik: brickedup55, SC...
  5. D

    College bros become bate buds

    I met Joe in college. We were both in the student government. He was a nice enough guy, liked to talk politics. We connected even though he was a few years younger than me. After a few months of being friends, one night I saw him online on Facebook messenger. It was late. I was in the middle...
  6. adamzee


    Everybody holds their cock differently while masturbating. I grip my shaft with my thumb and middle finger; use my bent pinky and next finger to stabilise by pressing against the side the shaft, I use my Index finger for stimulating my glans and I concentrate my rubbing mostly on the glans. I...
  7. N

    Help to find part 2

    Help to find part 2 of this video Greg Gropinghands1 Monster White Cock, edrooff - Gay PeekVids Greg - Groping Hands (First Auditions)
  8. C


    Opa ,Aqui que querem ver um macho gostoso peladao ????
  9. N

    Edging/cum Control Nyc

    I’m looking to find guys who enjoy giving slow edging strokes and cum control sessions in NYC. I see a lot of videos about this but never experienced it.