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  1. Jackson_XL

    Hottest LPSG Member

    I’m genuinely curious and I think this will be a fun thread. Who do you think is the hottest LPSG member? I’m not talking about most hung. I mean complete package. Body and everything. tag them and post them here. Let’s shine s spotlight on the fine guys of this website!! + if you want to...
  2. A

    Hey everyone!

    What’s going on! I’m back on the platform after taking a break. Hope all is well for everyone. I’m a gay male located in Canada and love to use LPSG during my free time. Love public fun and outdoor videos .. kinky stuff haha!
  3. D

    Is my dick Big?

    Hey i'm 20 and from Germany. You think my dick is big?
  4. 1

    Sorta Newbie

    hi everyone! not super new to the site but my first time posting photos and getting a verification! you all can check them out and see what you think! hope everyone is doing good today!
  5. imnnotshy

    23 Yold European

    Hi all! I am new to this site :). 23 yold straight-curious, no experience with guys. I'm in a relationship so only looking for online interaction and this site seems like a great place for that :)
  6. L

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