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  1. B

    Accountant Impresses And Steals My Stunning Wife With Larger Cock Size

    Things had been going great between me and Jenny until something dramatically changed our relationship. Jenny and I were in our late 20's living in NYC and both doing pretty well financially. Jenny was an account manager in the advertising business and I was a jr. analyst at a mid level finance...
  2. 1

    Island of girls

    The island is tropical. It has palm trees, white sand beaches, and a gentle breeze. The island is home to 99 girls, all of them young and beautiful. The girls are Hispanic, and their features vary from Spanish to Amerindian. Possessing no clothing, the girls are naked: they are and always have...
  3. fiveandahalfinches

    Friday treat night

    Sophie had taken to working late on a Friday, and being on my own I decided I needed a little relaxation. And what better way to relax than with a little porn? We had an active sex life but I never believed there was anything wrong with a bit of fantasy. I was getting bored with the usual...