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  1. J

    Peter Dunbar

    Appreciation post for Miami hottie and local florist, Peter Dunbar. https://www.instagram.com/peterdunbar_/
  2. R

    Josh Cummings

    Does anyone have the video of Josh Cummings from BoyzParty.com? He is a Cuban from Miami and did a scene for BoyzParty back in 2008. Pride Studios has the photo album from this scene but deleted the video. I’m dying for this video cause it was so hot and I can’t find it anywhere! I’m pretty...
  3. ThatBish95

    King Cid

    Is there anything on King Cid?
  4. H

    Kevin Figman

    He's ridiculously beautiful. He's @kevinfigman on all socials. He mostly makes pop culture content on Tiktok and posts hot pics on Instagram. Nothing explicit but he's super hot and makes pretty good videos so check him out. Kevin Figman (@kevinfigman) | TikTok Login • Instagram
  5. ThatBish95

    The Rich Way

    How is there not a thread for him?!?
  6. StewartW

    Help to find a video….plz.

    I am trying to find this video in its entirety to watch free.. so if anyone can help please would be appreciated. thanks journeyist Went To Miami Looking For A cock juiced Time
  7. C

    Syx.corp on insta aka brandon

    Please tell me one of you guys has his nudes. That ass is out of this world. He’s so sexy
  8. tantrictease

    Female content creator in Barrie, Toronto, San Jose CA, Florida

    As you can see I’m quite nomadic Currently In Barrie, just outside Toronto. Will be visiting the other cities over the next couple months. Will actually be driving from Miami through New Orleans, Texas back to California Mature extremely thick, upscale, artistic educated, spiritual tantra...
  9. J

    Mati (mdfmathias, mati.08)

    mdfmathias on Twitter and OF, mati.08 on IG.
  10. Y

    Pablo Herrera - Sexy Colombian

    Hey y'all. Do you have anything on Pablo Herrera? He's Colombian and lives in Miami.
  11. E

    Hey y’all. I’m horny af and I’m in Miami. I really want this dick sucked. I’m 25 athletic. Drop a number,snap, or kik.

    Hey y’all. I’m horny af and I’m in Miami. I really want this dick sucked. I’m 25 athletic. Drop a number,snap, or kik.
  12. Y

    Carnival Sunrise Cruise on October 2022?

    Anyone going or past experiences at Carnival Cruise?
  13. wudnumen

    Open in Miami area

    I changed careers during the pandemic and find myself too busy to go out often. I find a very low quality level of discussion on grindr, so it's not good for much of anything. Maybe a personal ad can garner a better response? I work a blue collar job, but I'm more an intellectual, nerdy type of...
  14. H

    Photo FL Chris J Florida

    This is a long shot but anything more on this cutie I have had some before but wanting to see on here if any of you have anything ? Cute guy in south Fl
  15. D

    Miami business trip

    I am traveling for business and will be in miami until 3/25/22. Anyone here looking to jerk off, mutual masturbation, jack one another off etc?
  16. D

    Anything on mastabliss or prettydickbliss

    Been following this hairy big dick papi for a while but would love to see more of his content on onlyfans. What do y’all got?
  17. D

    Miami Cruising

    Was at dolphin mall the other day and forgot how much of a cruise spot it is! How many guys still go there and what’s your favorite bathroom? (Think I might start a new hobby again) Always something at the one next to valet parking! Some other cruising spots in Kendall/dadeland area? I also used...
  18. Exgotonic

    Rich Wilkerson Jr. - hottest pastor ever

    I cannot believe there is no thread for him. Literally the hottest naughtiest pastor there is. (Unfortunately) married with three children. I am obsessed with his beautiful face and those gorgeous big feet. He’s been working out and getting fitter and fitter. I just wish he’d show his body more...
  19. D

    Will Smith

    Will Smith is an American actor, rapper, and film producer. He is known for shows such as "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", "Six Degrees of Separation", "Bad Boys", "Independence Day", "The Men In Black", "The Wild Wild West" and many more. He is also known for his hit songs such as "Men In Black"...
  20. D

    Muscular And In Miami

    I'm in Miami the week of Thanksgiving and want to service a muscular guy. No need to be hung or anything, just muscular. I'll host so we can meet up for some muscle worship and the best bj of your life. DM me with pics if your interested. No pics, no reply. Check my profile 4 pics of me.
  21. D

    Group Jo/circle Jerk/oral In Miami

    **around same age and in shape guys only** hey im 28 6ft tall toned swimmer body and 7.5 in. dick cut looking to get a group together for jo circle jerk - have either kik or snap to verify
  22. Y

    Ig: Itsreallynando

    Very handsome dancer who is Dominican. He does meme videos and dance videos. Anyone got sexy pictures of him? IG: Login • Instagram
  23. M

    Thomas Darchy (model, Personal Trainer)

  24. J

    Ig Firemangucch

    Anyone have anything on him ?
  25. JGA13

    Miami Broward South Florida Mmf

    We have a KIK group for those looking to join MMF in South Florida. Join the discussion by clicking the link below and joining the group. kik.me/g/MyjUDtrAB3tzr5skgIcGOMayZO8
  26. R

    Non Reciprocation Cocksucker For Miami Men

    want to be Non Reciprocation Cocksucker for Miami Men
  27. P

    Photo Model Id From Miami Jock

    Hey people, do you know who this model is from the underwear brand Miami Jock? Do you know where I can get more of him?
  28. J

    Photo John Sosa (sjfitness__)

  29. J

    Photo Kevin Portillo

  30. IowaGuy24

    Miami - South Beach!!!

    Wow! Seeing a lot of sexy #commando bulges today! God I love this place.