1. F

    Milano (German Rapper/Singer)

    idk how he doesn’t already have a thread he is so hot and muscular, he’s touring now and doing such hot things on tour like taking his shirt off i need the lpsg magic to work and get a full thread of him
  2. Danielv1234

    Visiting milano

    Hey guys ! I'm visiting milano next month and am really curious about Italian dick where can I find hung Italian men in Milano? And on a side note would love some advice on the gay night scene there and if anyone know of any drag shows ❤️
  3. S

    Milano Couple Looking For Big Penis (mfm)

    We are a straight couple in their 20s looking for a man with a big penis (preferrably 20cm+) to satisfy the lady in Milano. She is very orgasmic, and has a lovely figure. Hit us up :)
  4. S

    Milano Mfm

    New member here! We're a couple in their 20s looking for a hung guy in Milan to fuck her brains out. I'll post more details if someone replies...
  5. XavierLDN

    Big Dick Guys In Milano ?

    hey guys! In Milano, with work, for a few months. Who’s up for a drink and maybe some fun ;) ? Hit me up!