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  1. S

    Looking for a milking -London or South East

    Hi - have just signed up so sorry if this is in the wrong place. My fantasy is being restrained heavily, and forced to ejaculate, repeatedly. Enjoyment is not necessarily important, so ruined, forced, post orgasm - all up to the milker. Preferably using toys and tools, ideally a milking machine...
  2. grubarafinada

    What the movie it is? (milking scene)

    Anyone know from what movie this is from?
  3. Milking 3 weeks worth out, ruined orgasm

    Milking 3 weeks worth out, ruined orgasm

  4. D

    Searching for a relentless cock milking in London

    Hey, I've got a huge fantasy that I'd love to be fulfilled which is to be strapped down and mercilessly edged, ruined and milked. Toys, hands, what ever techniques you have to absolutely extract every last drop of cum from me. I'm straight, smooth and very inexperienced. Looking for East London...
  5. B

    Everything Cum

    Leave your stories about anything cum related, precum related etc. Do you like to add cum as a secret ingredient to your cup of coffee? Do you like cum used as icing on cakes? Let know. What is it you like about cum? Do you love it on your face? Or do you save some for a treat later? Share...
  6. O

    The Bonding Power of a Hand Job

    Why do I love giving handjobs and milking? For me, it is incredibly rewarding to have a man, at his most vulnerable, transfer authority to me and trust me to provide him with intense pleasure. I enjoy satisfying his deep need to have the his seed released. As a skilled and knowledgeable...
  7. Prostate milked handsfree, Feel great orgasm to finish it off.

    Prostate milked handsfree, Feel great orgasm to finish it off.

  8. S

    I Want Dom/bull Men To Use And Abuse Me Open Minded. 20 M Uk. I Use Snapchat: Jsandrick3

    If you’re open minded wanting me to do naughty things. No limits. for you hit me up on Snapchat: jsandrick3. 20 male U.K.
  9. Studmilker.London

    Edging And Milking In Hungary

    Hi all, as I am moving back from London to Hungary (West), I would like to find guys from there to continue my adventure in edging, milking and cum control. Please contact me Thanks xxx
  10. E

    Belgium Edging / Cum Control

    Any guys interested in being edged and milked in Belgium/Antwerpen? Love giving long sessions, keeping a guy on the brink and controlling their orgasm for a long time. PM for more details if interested!
  11. M

    Anyone Have Full Video!?

    This preview is SO hot! I want to buy, but unfortunately you can't sign up right now for some reason!? Wondering if anyone has it to send. Hung JBull Back On The Milking Stool!
  12. J_Leroy

    Straight For Milking

    I’ve always had this fantasy of being tied and forcably milked but never done it. Its been a few years since I broke up with my ex and by the time I was over her lockdown happened so I’ve not been with anyone else in years. Now I want to live out this fantasy. I come to you, can travel to places...
  13. E

    Seeking No Mercy Edging And Cockhead Polishing In Boston Ma.

    31 Fit Asian with 7.5 uncut looking for edging master. I am into long hours edging and nonstop cockhead over stimulations with orgasm denial. If I accidentally cum during edging then it must be a ruined orgasm followed by no mercy post orgasm polishing. Can’t host but willing to travel...
  14. B

    Masculine Milking

    Love a good video of a masculine guy jacking off and busting a nut, or getting strapped down and milked. Heavy breathing, slicked up with lube, and thick loads. Bonus for hairy. Attached video is one of my favorites. If anyone has some suggestions that fit the criteria, please post. I’m...
  15. 8

    Talented Edger Looking To Edge Guys In London Uk

    Hi guys, I am a 28 year old, talented edger with an 8’’ cock. I’m looking for guys into getting slowly cumcontrolled. I’m based in East London, SE18. Travel only. DM me with pics and we’ll take it from there.
  16. D

    Id/find Video (pregnant Fingering, Milking)

    Hey everyone! I've been looking for this vid for awhile. I had it bookmarked, but I see its gotten taken down on multiple sites. I wondered if someone might have a link that still works or a copy of it if they downloaded it? Any help is appreciated!
  17. D

    Skype Bdsm All Kink Group

    This group is a skype group for all types of kinkster with all types of interests from deepthroating to anal, edging to running, milking to just ass play .This is for everyone cause all the other groups are just terrible so i decided to make one my self
  18. E

    Help Identify Brazilian Bondage Site

    Anyone know who produced this video? It reminds me of the Slowteasinghandjobs site or Capturedguys.
  19. UnCutBlackBull925

    Milking - Wow I Didn’t Know

    I got introduced to milking but it’s from a machine Venus 2000 when I saw the results I was all in but when I saw the price WOW I can’t afford. Does anyone where I can get one with breaking bank ?
  20. F

    Who Is This Guy ? Id Him Pls!

    Id him plsss myb onlyfans or any social media!
  21. F

    Who Is He?? Can Anyone Id Him??

    Cant find any info! Pls help
  22. Z

    Help Me Id This Guy

    He has a super sexy chest, he could also milk his nipples He had a Twitter but his account got closed. Can anybody help me ID this stud?
  23. L

    Looking For Big Bulls To Milk!

    Hey guys! My current bulls are pretty inactive atm so I’m looking for big breeding bulls to milk and talk dirty with on skype or Gruveo (or phone if you’re in UK). Bull = hung and muscular. I only do mic (can be masc-ish or fem, dom or sub, whatever you like) but you’d be on cam whilst we...
  24. L

    Hung And Love Being Milked?

    25 yo UK bottom guy who is looking for hung guys (8+) who love being milked on cam ;) if you have muscles too thats a bonus hehe. Drop your skype below and let’s get horny together ;)
  25. belgiansub27

    In Chastity, Milking In Thongs

  26. greasyboots


    ASIAN GUYS in BOSTON AREA? MIXED (white/Native American) masculine guy, DL/bluecollar style, favorite past experiences with Asian men, seeking Asians who ENJOY SEX (including, or EVEN ONLY/LIMITED TO making out, j.o., porn). Seeking ENJOYABLE PLEASANT ENCOUNTERS, not relationship. See my...
  27. F

    Edging, milking, wanking; in sydney

    Keen to explore milking and edging a hot guy. I’d like to tease a guy for hours with my hands, tickling and stroking his dick, thighs, and balls. Brushing his nipples, and many times bringing him close to cumming, but not quite letting him. Teasing, edging, stroking, talking dirty, maybe you...
  28. Letmeseeit1

    Video Milking every last drop

    Squeezing every last drop of cum out the dick Lexi Gives A Lucky Guy A Pov Handjob — vPorn
  29. L

    London edging and cum control

    Any guys interested in being edged and milked in London? Keen edger here who has several regulars and normally advertises elsewhere but curious to see if any interest exists on lpsg. Love long sessions, keeping a guy on the brink and controlling their orgasm for hours. PM for more details if...