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  1. M

    Hey, Hope Yall Are Fine?

    I'm here looking for pic to increase my motivation to lose weight hope you guys be nice to me. Any suggestion a or tips to being healthy is much appreciated!
  2. J

    Any Other Former Gym-goers Struggling To Find Motivation To Workout At Home?

    I really miss my gym. It’s open (for now) but I’m not comfortable going. Probably won’t be until spring or next summer. I did well working out at home in the warmer weather. Warmup, weights or yoga or the rowing machine. But with the cold weather and teaching all day in our cold and drafty 100...
  3. TrueB2


    I did my first 20 minute-Straight jog the other day! I'm pretty proud of myself, especially because I could barely do a 5 minute jog at the beginning of the year. I feel unstoppable!!! Until next time... How many people here jog and how often?
  4. S

    Kik - for motivation

    Hi guys, So I’m looking for someone to message one on one just for motivation to continue doing manual exercises daily and thought it might be nice to find someone else who is on the same page. I do use forums daily (I use pegym.com/forums) and they are motivating, but I think having someone to...
  5. C

    I'm circum-curious.

    As someone who was almost circumcised as a child I've always been curious as to what if? Tempted by this I've tried on occasion to keep my foreskin back to feel the sensation of my glans rubbing against my clothing. I'm always curious to see what other guys have. Cut guys, If you were lucky...