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  1. fireice42


    Let's play a game, Post a celebrity name and three fictional characters they played in movies or tv series ( picture of celebrity are optional ). You must choose one character you want to sleep with. Christopher Meloni 1) Nick Sax - Happy 2) Chris Keller - Oz 3) Elliot Stabler - Law and Order
  2. Jovannie1990


    Have you noticed when an actor in the porn industry looks like an actor on television? For example, I find a great resemblance between Malec and Tyler Hoechlin. They two look like brothers.
  3. R

    Gay Porn Movies/DVDs

    Hello guys. I just wanted to ask on what website do you watch gayporn movies or dvds online for free? Thank you.
  4. cockwitch

    Mythology Movie Hotties

    I’ve been reading a lot of greek mythology lately and I cant stop thinking about all those heroes.. lets all share our favorite adaptations of actors portraying famed mythology characters.
  5. W

    Movies About Ancient Greece / Rome With Male Nudity

    As the title tells, this thread will contain suggestions for movies about Antiquity that display male nudity. I decided to create it after failing to find anything relevant online. *** Because of the on-going 2020 Olympics, I also decided to create a poll on whether the Olympians should...
  6. H

    Photos & Videos Nude Female Geek Universe Babes

    Hi everyone, after I created the Nude Female Videogame Characters Thread, I have some trouble to find more videogame babes to post there, because most of the artists there also draw another characters from the geek universe, which add movies, manga, anime, comicbooks, TV shows, and original...
  7. Daedalus

    Guys Magically Stripped In Movies

    I posted about this on a completely different website but figured I'd give it a shot here, too. I'm hoping people here can recommend any films where male characters end up getting naked through the use of magic (like, magic is used to telekinetically strip someone, or zap away their clothes, or...
  8. cofrader

    Movies That Get You Emotional Aam Version

    Recently saw yet again the lord of the ring two towers and I notice the scene when Eomer comes to the help of the king on helms deep gets me, I don’t know why it works but it does. Which movie scenes gets you emotional or make you cry? Originally was a AASM question, @Motion-of-the-Ocean...
  9. cofrader

    Movies That Get You Emotional

    Recently saw yet again the lord of the ring two towers and I notice the scene when Eomer comes to the help of the king on helms deep gets me, I don’t know why it works but it does. Which movie scenes gets you emotional or make you cry?
  10. SkinnyGamer

    Hi! Young Gamer Here!

    Hi! I’m kinda new but not really “new“ here since I used to lurk in the forums and video chat before. But I guess I’ve just mustered enough confidence to really make an account and be more “out“ there. :emoji_sweat_smile: A little something about me, I am 20+, I look smooth and very young...
  11. geofinn

    Summer Of 85 / Été 85

    Has anyone seen it? What are your opinions? What a great movie!
  12. fireice42

    Movies Villains A-z

  13. H

    Describe A Film In A Boring Way

    Basically take the plot of a well known film and try and find a way to make it sound boring, For example: 'Guy finds a ring and walks miles to throw it away'
  14. A

    Need Help With Homophobic Parents, Please Read

    (DISCLAIMER I am a guy "akexandra" is just a username I use for privacy) Hello Everyone and thanks for taking the time to my story... All my life I was my parents golden boy, but we started to have a difficult relationship when I came out around the age of 18, they are very religious(catholic)...
  15. P

    Best Gay Theme Films To Watch

    Hi People... Please tell me if you know of any good gay films to watch. The last good gay film I watched is a film called Benjamin. Excellent film like a 8/10. Any Recommendations please let me know.... Generally Foreign gay films are way better than any of the American gay films.... If...
  16. grandunification

    Favorite Chick Flick

    Alright guys, let's hear your confession. Name your favorite chick flick.
  17. Marco Tony

    Sexy Turkish Actors

    Here you can post everything about hot turkish actors. Serkan Cayoglu
  18. 5

    Movie Help Thread

    So I am needing some help finding a movie/scene/tv show. I only remember this part: Science fiction/fantasy/young adult(non-porn)/magical world movie of sorts. Gives me like harry potter feels Its a car with two or three women up front(these women are wizards, magicians, or have some kind of...
  19. depressionvaghole

    Male Nudity On Tv & Film!

    This thread will cover the various male nudity in TV shows and films all around the world, both past and present. Please feel free to share your favorite moments on here.
  20. Daniel0424

    Jack Parr - Hot Hunk

    Hi. I just found this guy on youtube and I wanted to know if anyone else have anything on him. He is so hot. Here is his ig Jack Parr (@jackwparr) • Instagram photos and videos And this is the studio he is working with: Oxygen Films So anything else? Does anyone know if he is actually gay?
  21. Lucky Blue Smith

    Favorite gay-themed movies?

    Here are mine: Prayers for Bobby Being 17 Shelter
  22. PoetMalaki

    1990 - 2010 movies with nudity and real sex

    I love this era of Movies it is raw and real because the video manipulation is not that advance yet.
  23. 1

    Ben hardy

    What are your thoughts on this British hottie? He is mostly known for his roles in X- Men Apocalypse, Eastsiders and recently he played Roger Taylor on Bohemian Rhapsody. Also, he did got naked on stage during his performance of Judas’ Kiss.
  24. 1

    Movies with full frontal male nudity

    Good Morning LPSG'ers! Looking for movies with full frontal male nudity. First one that comes to my mind is Starship Troopers. Share your favorites!
  25. alexmomento

    Keep calm and ... do it hard!)

    Hey guys! Lets share to each other top sites of hardcore bdsm? I'm tired from "pinky" pornhub, redtube, etc. ... piece of shit :( I'm looking for free videos and movies like here https://hard-extreme.com but its not free :( And I can't find anymore. Maybe someone knows cool site to watch...
  26. E

    Does anyone here collect work print versions of films?

    Random, but fuck it. Thought I'd ask. There are quite a few films I am looking for, and can't find them, and the sites that DO have them, won't let me purchase them, they only do trades. (How can I trade if I have none to Begin with?) So.... of the 5 people in the world that collect them...