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  1. T

    Leo Atilano

    He’s an actor in Los Angeles, he’s mexican, 23, and I’m surprised no one has done a thread on him yet. he’s hot ASF his instagram is @leo_atilano99
  2. R

    Instagram hsin0126

    Does anyone else have more on this bodybuilder?
  3. K

    Dragon ball - Anime Manga - Muscles, Gut punch etc

    I'm the only one turned on by this scenes?? I've always find muscles guys in Dragon Ball very sexy...
  4. cucurara

    Photos & Videos Paolo Love, italian actor

    So I found out this sexy italian actor. Looks like he only makes/made trans videos for Transbella and here's a short description on him. I couldn't find any OF/Twitter acc and to make things worse he only wears a mask while shooting, though it's loose and can barely hide his whole face. Does...
  5. tiotuta

    Richards Brass - Brazilian actor

    King of the Facessiting. I'm looking for more photos or data from this actor Richard Brass. He is the best in what he does. He sits on the face of women and men. I only know that he is from Brazil, São Paulo and nothing else. Who knows some clue where he is warning me. I want more photos and...
  6. D


    Any content from the gh0stn onlyfans? It doesn't seem to be around anymore but I was wondering what might still be floating around
  7. J

    Photos & Videos Muscl3dan

    Anyone has anything regarding this fine man. I can't believe he doesn't have his own thread. These are some picture. https://mobile.twitter.com/Muscl3dan/media https://justfor.fans/Muscl3dan
  8. N

    Help to find part 2

    Help to find part 2 of this video Greg Gropinghands1 Monster White Cock, edrooff - Gay PeekVids Greg - Groping Hands (First Auditions)
  9. 4

    Paul Krueger

    Any one have anything on this stud?
  10. 4

    Augusto Arias @AugustoArias_

  11. micktreine_

    Hot as fuck guy on thisvid

    Hi everyone, Please let me know if anyone can identify this HOT AS FUCK boy
  12. 4

    Mateo Muscle

    Any body have any thing on Mateo Muscle? https://mobile.twitter.com/mateomuscle69
  13. D

    Sexy Muscle Asians

    Hey there! Anyone else into muscular/fit Asian guys? I see them more and more and can’t deny how into them I am. If anyone else has any names and pictures of models and such to share, please do! IG @ captainyangpu
  14. J

    August Westlake (onlyfans - Chaturbate)

    Do you have content from this daddy???
  15. B

    Heavy Weight Ayo/hvywgtayo

    His OF account is a big scam. Paid extra for a video and there was nothing there. Don't fall for it.
  16. J

    Bryan Renshaw

    long shot! but anything on this sexy young dad?
  17. ste321

    Photo Kbsteve Nude Personal Trainer

    Kbsteve has an Onlyfans and YouTube page offering tips on kettlebells training. When you subscribe to his free OF page, he sends you private messages with offers to buy more risque nude and cum content but it is unclear based on some descriptions what you will get for the price you are paying...
  18. C

    Ig: Alex_theofficer (alessandro Cinquini)

    Anybody come across anything? I’ve been looking for stuff and haven’t seen nudes. He has an of (onlyfans.com/alex_theofficer) but never posts. Don’t think it is active.
  19. E

    Brazilian Bttm For Hung Xxl Top

    Brazilian bttm 28y living in Belgium, looking for some hung XXL tops.
  20. M

    Looking For A Muscular Sub Slave To Train And Own Online

    Hi there, master Primus here. Seeking a well built dude, dont care if he is top, bottom, gay, straight, alpha, etc. Seeking someone who hides and pretends what he is not and by that you know what I mean. I have hunted you down boy so no more hiding. Come to daddy. masterprimus80@gmail.com is my...
  21. C

    Who's This Hot Lad In Glasses?

    Also this guy in another video might be him. I thought it could be Sebastian Carter, but I am wrong. Anyone knows who this guy is?
  22. H

    Black Prince

    Super handsome Fitness model & Pornstar Black Prince aka Curtis Taylor
  23. Nimkee123456

    Photos & Videos Hot Guys Modeling & Working Out

    Hey guys, Let's get a thread going of the most sexiest male models, underwear or fitness, on social media. Also I don't know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy the sight of a man using his muscles to work out. So feel free to post any pics or vids of men working out ;) E N J O Y
  24. C

    Do They Know Their @?

    Twitter, instagram or Only?
  25. C

    Whos Are These Men?

    Ig or Twitter?
  26. ste321

    Photo Hellstaff - Hot Onlyfans Model

    Hellstaff is a sexy model, boy next door with a hot muscle bod. He's having a $3.50 promo at the moment. Tons of sexy nude pics and vids, lots of cum and ass play... he shows off his bod and cock from every angle. His early pics show his toned bod and a nice bush, his cock soft and hard...
  27. ste321

    Hellstaff - Boy Next Door, Muscle Bod

    Just subscribed to Hellstaff, he's having a $3.50 promo at the moment to sign up. Tons of sexy nude pics and vids, lots of cum and ass play... he shows off his bod and cock from every angle. His early pics show his toned bod and a nice bush, his cock soft and hard... his cock is average size...
  28. K

    Sunny Colucci/aingeru Vilabrille

  29. F

    Black Men, Black Dick’s

    Curtis Fitzgerald (@gpphysique) Does anyone know about him? Are there nudes of this boy?
  30. L


    Any pictures or videos of hot MUSCULAR guys either masturbating, fucking, eating ass, or dildoing (? Is that a word) in nylon, pantyhose, stockings, bodysuits? It can even be latex or spandex. There's just not too much porn of it that I haven't already seen. I've already seen Gentlemen's Closet...