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muscle bottom

  1. C

    ID this muscle bottom please

    Does any know name of this muscle bottom? id
  2. B

    Help ID this bodybuilder taking a dildo at gym

    https://thisvid.com/videos/straight-bodybuilder-dildo-taking-a-dildo-at-gym/ Bodybuilder with a really big firm butt Thought many of you have found out the ID of this guy
  3. B

    Help ID this submissive bodybuilder

    https://thisvid.com/videos/bodybuilder-sucking-cock/ Who is this submissive bodybuilder sucking a dick?
  4. B

    Help ID this black bodybuilder bottom please

    https://mymusclevideo.com/78855/black-muscle-bottom/ Who is this guy fucked by yarddiestyle?
  5. F

    please identify what account is this video from or who is this muscle?

    Please help me find this bodybuilder
  6. H

    Help Identify this man

    Please help me look for this man. He looks so fucking hot.
  7. M


    This dude have a pussy hanging out of his booty. It’s really sexy. Anyone have experiences with this sexy bottom? Thoughts??
  8. Ryan_A

    Photos & Videos Anyone know who is the muscle bottom???

    If anyone knows the name of this sexy pornstar please inform me :heart_eyes:
  9. D

    IG: Muscledenver

    This guy seems to be a muscle bottom. Does anyone know if he posts anywhere or has videos out there?
  10. D

    IG: muscledenver Twitter: muscledenver5

    This guy is hot as fuck and seems to be a bottom slut. Does anyone have anything?
  11. M

    Tadeu Novais

    This hunk is Tadeu Novais. He performed in many gay porn videos in Brazil back in the day. He is versatile, but mostly bottomed in his scenes. Incredibly sexy. Does anyone know what happened to him? Thoughts??
  12. T

    Please Help Me Identify this Gorgeous Muscle Bottom Missionary

  13. M

    Ray Toy

    This sexy muscle bottom goes by the name Ray Toy on PornHub. He has dozens of videos on there with him fucking himself with dildos. I love how he is muscular with a nice ass and just let’s go of his masculinity in his videos. He hasn’t posted anything in a while and I wonder what happened to...
  14. M

    Tony Acosta

    Born April 7, 1972, Tony Acosta was one of the hottest Latin bottoms in the gay porn industry. His ass was absolutely plump, hairless, and always had a sexy tan line. Does anyone know what happened to him? Thoughts?
  15. A

    Agesfitness or ages_spice

    Pretty hot guy whos muscular and likes taking it up the ass. Fair price ppv and pretty regular ass pics on free onlyfans
  16. M

    Benny Ryder

    This sexy Romanian bodybuilder is Benny Ryder. He has done porn for productions such as Power Men, Muscle Hunks, etc. Although he has a nice cock, I couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of his puckered booty hole in his old webcam shows. I always fantasize him getting tag teamed bareback by other...
  17. N

    Loose, Sloppy Muscle Bottom, their names?

    Anyone know their names?
  18. N

    Anyone know who the hot muscle bottom is?

    Thanks in advance!
  19. A

    Photos & Videos Lido Andoni

    anything on this slutty bodybuilder muscle bottom?
  20. I

    Video Muscular Handsome Bottom with Great Smile Fucked Hard (ID Help)

    He has easily the best smile among all muscle bottom I've seen :( Who's he? Thank you!
  21. rhinoss

    Insta: @demianlim

    This man is sculpted like a god and isn’t too chisled which I like. Anyone have anything on him?
  22. M

    Jim Slade

    Who remembers this gay pornstar Jim Slade? He was one of the best power bottoms in porn. What is his back story? Where is he now?? Thoughts???
  23. R

    Please help ID this muscle bottom?!

    Any one know his name or his socials?
  24. R

    Please ID this muscle bodybuilder bottom?!

    He seems like he might have an OF? Anyone know?
  25. X

    Big muscle Asian bottom fucked by twinks

    Can anyone ID this hot bottom? Or video?
  26. C

    ID Muscle Bottom

    Hi can anyone ID or now where the rest of the video can be found ?. Jock riding cock - video 2 - ThisVid.com
  27. Joeme24

    Skinny Top, Muscle Bottom

    I have "stumbled" upon a few videos called 'Twink Top'. By stumble I mean passed by it while scrolling through all types of porn. Hey 'cause I like porn. The Question is: Are there actually Muscle and Buff guys who would chose a skinny or younger guy to top them, instead of someone of the...
  28. ncfzsr88

    Photo Powerbottom On Twitter

    No thread of him on here afaic. His name is Scott and apparently he’s from Ontario, Canada. One of the juiciest ass on the internet, I’d say
  29. C

    Jock Bottom Onlyfans

    Hi guys, can anyone suggest any good only fans with hot jock/muscle bottoms?. Prefer amateur than pornstar tbf.
  30. J

    His Ex Is An Alpha Male

    HIS EX IS AN ALPHA MALE (Attention: My native language is Spanish, so maybe some parts will be a little bit awkward). PART 01 I met my current boyfriend, Enrique, at a gym in Madrid where I work as an instructor. He drew a lot of attention when doing exercises. He had a muscular, tanned...