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muscle daddy

  1. S

    Who is this muscle guy ?

    Can anyone Id this guy?found these pics on Tumblr but can't find the original poster
  2. H

    Video Can anyone id this couple?

    Can anyone id this couple I found on xhamster? Any extra content from them works aswell:
  3. H

    Looking for amateur older muscular porn creators

    I am looking for older men with muscular bodies that make amateur straight content, feel free to give recommendations
  4. F

    Who is this muscle daddy?

    Anyone know who this is??
  5. H

    Video Help ID this daddy

    Found this on namethatporn and it had no answers, looking to find who he is or full video
  6. H

    Photos & Videos XRodKneeX aka Rodney Hughson

    Anybody have anything for XRodKneeX? He's also known as Rodney Hughson on Twitter and Reddit. He has an amazing body and a really huge cock. His OnlyFans is supposed to be great! It's onlyfans.com/xrodkneex. Has anybody checked it out?
  7. R

    Photos & Videos José Pacheco (Brazilian daddy)

    anything on this hot Brazilian muscle daddy? algo sobre esse daddy musculoso brasileiro? OnlyFans Login • Instagram https://twitter.com/jddpacheco
  8. johnlong1991

    TheCircusDaddy John Fahrenwald

    This hot daddy doesn't have enough people talking about him! So sexy and mature, not to mention his skill on the pole, anyone got anything? OnlyFans Login • Instagram
  9. L


    I just want to know if anybody here knows or has more of him
  10. R

    Photos & Videos saradosp

    Daddy brasileiro gostoso, algo dele? Hot brazilian daddy, anything on him? Twitter Onlyfans
  11. J

    Jason Zinszer IG @jasonzinszer

    Absolutely gorgeous man! Love his beard and beefy physique. Daddy for sure.
  12. A


    jose OnlyFans Gio OnlyFans
  13. I

    Can anyone ID this hairy muscle daddy please?

  14. H

    Greg Dixxon aka Greg Armstrong

    Gregdixxon aka Greg Armstrong on Instagram. He's opened OF account for a month. This muscle daddy is hot af!!! And he deserves more followers! Greg Armstrong (@armstronggregoryself) • Instagram photos and videos https://mobile.twitter.com/GregDixxon OnlyFans
  15. 8

    Photos & Videos Juicyj582

    Since there's not a thread made for this hot muscle daddy already, I'll start one myself. There used to be a married, straight, ex-military reddit user named Juicyj582 that migrated to onlyfans under the same name, but he's scrubbed most of his pics and videos from the internet. He was super...
  16. D


    RilesJeff. Any Nude Pics Of Him?
  17. britnadian

    My Gay Redhead Viking

    My first sexual escapades began in Toronto. I used to live in an apartment that many will know as Vaseline towers. Yes men used to use Vaseline as lube. It was a prime spot of hooking up in the village and my second apartment in the city. It was here I started to use Grindr and quickly met a...
  18. C

    TestosteroneSandwich - Brendo Only Fans Straight Body Builder

    30 year old straight bodybuilder
  19. M

    Eduard Soghomonyan

    Eduard Soghomonyan is an Armenian-born heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler. He is 6’3 and is a total hunk. He looks like someone who fucks rough. I am so turned on by him. Any thoughts or naked pictures of him??? IG: eduardsoghomonyanofficial
  20. B

    Chafa @cristhiaan

    He's a hot sugar daddy! Any informations? pictures? He's from Argentina. HIS OF: OnlyFans
  21. C


    Anyone have anything xxx on this hot daddy??
  22. kinglovely

    Photos & Videos Chris (from @porfi Onlyfans)

    Hi! i would like to know if anyone knows any information about this man and how i could find his content on the internet. He made an appearance on @porfi's Onlyfans and I've been delighted with him ever since. The only things I found out about him is that his possible name is Chris (information...
  23. Z


    Anybody got pics of his dick?
  24. K

    Clint Benedict

    Does anyone know whatever happened to super-lean, ripped Clint Benedict (years active 1993-2000), the impossibly hot leather daddy of yesteryear?
  25. 4

    Pecs And Nips

    Hi all, My nipples are hardwired to my dick and I absolutely love having them sucked on and lightly bitten. :yum I know a lot of guys are similar. Feel free to post your favorite pics of guys pecs and Nips. Here are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy! ;)
  26. M

    @armansyd On Insta

    Big, hung, hairy, beardy... Oh is there anything xxx of him? Look at those arms! ΛΓМΛΠ (@armansyd) • Instagram photos and videos
  27. captainX7

    Ig Daddy Fitdaddy60plus?

    Does anybody have anything on IG daddy fitdaddy60plus??? He recently started an OnlyFans (unfortunately...) and I'm tryin' to see the goods! Feel free to share if you have anything! 100% GAY Daddy in the Desert (@fitdaddy60plus) • Instagram photos and videos OnlyFans
  28. BoxerBoy93

    Damien Stone Onlyfans?

    Hi, I'd like to know if anyone has the videos and photos from Damien Stone's OnlyFans (All content) and if you could share them with me. I know it's a lot of material, but I would be eternally grateful ❤️
  29. eugenio963

    The Handsome @fitnessongwriterjoey

    I don't know more about him except his name, I know his name is Joey oh and of course, he's so hot af , Does anyone have anything about him???
  30. S


    Anybody have new vids of this hunky latino23bom?