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  1. T


    I'm very much into VERY MASCULINE/MANLY BOTTOMS, (see pic attached) (HAIRY, MUSCLEBEARS, BODYBUILDERS, BEARD, MACHO) you know the type you don't expect to take it up the ass as per the stereotype. Please feel free to share videos, personal stories or only fans/just for fans profiles. ANYONE...
  2. Stocky8x6uncut

    Big Dicked Truck Driver

    Big Dicked Truck Driver PT1 I had only been at my new company at major distrubution hub for a few weeks, I had previously worked in sales so this was the first manual job I had ever done. I took to my new role as a warehouse operator suprisingly well even though I am a regular at the gym and...
  3. P

    Video Mgerotica (twit: M-g-e)

    Anyone subbed to this guy's onlyfans ? If so can you please post pics and vids of him :heart: he is really damn hot
  4. Andremarkpts

    9x7.5 hot

    Just discovered this guy, makes me cum again and again. www.czechmeout9x7.com/justfans
  5. Andremarkpts

    Not hung but appreciate a big one

    Hello not Hung here but big built but appreciate a big cock
  6. Andremarkpts

    Powerlifter 7 uncut

    Hi Powerlifter here 5ft11 7 uncut 290lbs