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  1. swallow.ed

    Can someone ID this guy?

    Idk who this is but he is so fucking fine, i cant, in my eyes hes honestly everything i'd want in a man, hes hairy, hes giant, and im not talking abt just his dick, literally look at him, hes bigger then his damn couch, hes just so fine and sexy, for gods sake hes even playing the weeknd, does...
  2. J

    Photos & Videos bgkrentz (Bennett)

    Thought I'd start a thread for this Insta/TikTok hunk from the UK
  3. B

    Video Anyone know who this model is?

    Can anyone tell me the name of the model in this video? He's hot.
  4. ItsMeGabriel

    New Stud Alert: Fitness Coach / Model Ethan Morlan

    Check out this sexy brunette model and bodybuilder, Ethan. I first discovered him on Instagram and fell for him instantly. He has a great body and he's super nice. He's the full package. I was so happy when he finally launched an Onlyfans account. If you like fit, athletic studs, then definitely...
  5. H

    Photos & Videos Tony Knight @tjkwild

    Any hoy content from this stud? His Instagram is @tjkwild
  6. XxSherlockxX

    Jean Rodriguez

    Anyone have anything on this ig hottie?
  7. M

    Untilhel tiktok

    His tattoos >> he also started his onlyfans OnlyFans
  8. D


    Rodney St Cloud
  9. D


    This Thread is dedicated to Athletes (NFL and NBA Players) College as well
  10. T

    Who is that ???

    Guys im obsessed!!! Who is that hunk ???
  11. D

    Biracial Men

    This Thread is dedicated to Biracial Men Boris Kodjoe
  12. M

    Michael siwel (theorangeturtle) tiktok

    Anyone subbed to him OnlyFans
  13. Marco Tony

    Hot Mexican Men

    Dont replace letters with numbers. Just type the full name. ʙᴇᴛᴏ ʜᴇʀᴀɢᴜɪ
  14. jvhoorst

    Cem @cemveu

    Stud on instagram as @cemveu Should make an OF for sure
  15. M

    Swolenate tiktok

    anyone subbed to him? OnlyFans
  16. jvhoorst


    Reddit user /u/Fitntatted7
  17. Marco Tony

    Igor Amanajas

    Anything on this sexy and exotic brazilian man?
  18. K

    Photo Who is this bodybuilder

  19. T

    Jayce Stansbery/Woah Jayce

    He’s 18, from Texas, does a lot of body building, and hot asf His instagram is @woahjayce and his tik tok is @jaycefitness
  20. D

    video ID guy with tattoos and scars using fleshlight

    hey so i found this video and found the dude really hot. if anyone can find him and let me know that would be great. he has distinctive features that i’d assume would make it easy to find.
  21. V

    Danny Harvey/Ovobarrel

    Hi guys, do any of you have anything from this boy? he did some work (photos) to Philiprugel but his site disappeared, and now Danny hardly ever update his Instagram. There are some videos of him on T. hisvid, but I've seen it, I wanted something new...
  22. D

    ID this hot guy from Buzzfeed?

    The way he puts his muscular arms on the door frame is just...let's just say it made me feel something. Time stamp at 0:38
  23. B

    GillyTheKid (YouTuber)

    Opening up a thread for this stud becauseI have a HUGE crush on him. I think he's hot as hell and his body and muscles look amazing. If anyone else wants to thirst over him feel free to do so
  24. D


    This thread is going to showcase men of all ethnicities,Nationalities it doesn’t matter just know it’s Men.Dick,Muscle,Ass,Penis,Cock,DRAWZ,Everything Man!!!
  25. C


    @man1man0 was a chaturbate performer that hasn’t been on in a while. Anyone know if he’s under a different user name or on a different site?
  26. ItsMeGabriel

    Marek Lichtenberg

    Model / Actor. And hot.
  27. Iridyceum

    Photos & Videos Sexy Guys and Tight Shirts

    Thread for those who wanna share muscle men that look sultry and sexy even when dressed.
  28. D

    Men with brown skin

    Brownskin Black Men
  29. Marco Tony

    Hot Muscular Men With Sexy Feet

    Lets share pictures of hot fitness men feet and hot bodybuilders feet.
  30. D


    This Thread is dedicated to The Biggest Black Muscles,Dicks,and Asses