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  1. A

    Photos & Videos Nice Waffles (Daddy Waffles)

    Does anyone have anything on him? Onlyfans Instagram Twitter Twitter 18+
  2. Juujuubeannnnn

    _ChadrickLamar_ (DarkDesire)

  3. M

    Evan strickland

    Anyone brought from him before ?
  4. Juujuubeannnnn

    Black Men

    A Thread Dedicated To Best Looking Men on The Planet! Huge Monster Dicks,Muscle Asses,Python Muscles,SEXINESS FOR DAYS & So Much More!!!
  5. Marco Tony

    Photos & Videos Hot Gay Brunettes

    Theres already a thread about blonds. Now its brunettes turn. Here is all about the brunettes. So here you can share hot gay men with brown hair or black hair. The eyes can be brown, black, blue, ect... As long as the men have brown or black hair and the men you post are gay. Greg Miller
  6. Z


    Stumbled upon this guy on Tik Tok, then found out he has an Instagram, Twitter, and OF as well! His body is beautiful and I love that he loves showing it off. I believe he’s straight too! I’ll post more of him. If you guys have any photos or videos of him, then please share here:) 姜哥哥...
  7. Juujuubeannnnn

    Caramel Black Men

    Black Men with Caramel Skin
  8. Juujuubeannnnn

    Biracial Men

    Biracial Men
  9. Marco Tony

    Sexy Muscular East Asian Gay Men

    Theres already other threads about east asian men. But they include straight men, straight porn and twinks. What makes this thread distinct is that here its all about hot muscular east asian gay men and gay porn. Here you can post hot muscular japanese men, chinese men, taiwanese men, thai men...
  10. B

    Josh Boekelman

    Does anyone have anything on this former male model, Josh Boekelman? If found a few pics.
  11. C

    Photos & Videos THƐ0 G0odwin

    Sexy track and field coach...don't bother following his socials, you'll get blocked! Doesn't have an OF but he may have a snapchat where he sells pics/vids.
  12. ItsMeGabriel

    Jonny Goodall | jonnyg_classicphysique

    Does anyone have more on Jonny? He's hot, with a huge cock. He's always good for an underwear/posing trunk bulge. Luv this guy.
  13. G

    Brock Wyman (Bentley Race)

    Anyone have videos of this guy?
  14. A

    Photos & Videos Hunor Salak - hot fitness trainer

    Hi all, Could you help me find out something about this Romanian/Hungarian fitness model and coach? He has a great physique. His insta is hunor.fitness Instagram Also, I found this video which I believe is him: Ripped stud pumps biceps (part 2)
  15. C

    @colemullet / cole munoz

    Hot straight gym bro. Needs to drop an onlyfans ASAP, in my personal opinion.
  16. L

    Cameron Kozak (@kodakmovies)

    Hot movie nerd content creator that posts gym progress pics which are thirst traps fr.
  17. S

    Mystery Muscle Man Gif, What is this from?

    I've had this GIF saved for a long time and I have no idea of the origins of this hunky stud. Does anyone know?
  18. M

    Does anyone know his name?

    Load of ads on Facebook and Instagram from Decathlon of these bathing suits by Arena. Unfortunately there is no trace of the model's name, maybe Italian. How perfect are these shapes?
  19. Mrfixxxshit

    Slap it or Be slap with it?

    Happy Friday
  20. Marco Tony

    Hot Sexy Gay Men - Must Include Names

    Are you tired of these posts that says, what is his name? Well, its not allowed here. Because every hot gay men posted here must have their name posted with their pictures or videos. Only post men that you know the names. I think that a thread like that was never done before. I though that it...
  21. glommyboy8900

    chris aronis

  22. Ganzoxoxo

    Good roleplay on OF

    Hi guys I've recently discovered YourThor4 on OnlyFans and realized that in the sea of guys simply filming themselves jerking off in a bathroom there are also models that can put on a little bit of a show with some decent roleplay. Can you suggest me any models on Onlyfans or any other porn...
  23. Marco Tony

    Hot Younger Gay Daddies

    Here is all about younger gay daddies in their 30s and 40s. They can be hairy or shaved. Muscular or leaner. As long as they are gay and in their 30s and 40s. Theres already threads with older daddies. This thread focus on younger daddies. You can share hot younger daddies here.
  24. A

    Clarke Kent

    Clarke Kent has an incredible body, so jacked and perfectly sculpted!
  25. D

    Macro Story : New Kind of Collection

    Many peoples likes to collect stamps or miniature vehicles or even trading cards... But this story is about a other kind of collection... Sorry if there are some mistakes, hope you will enjoy this story. It's a really hot day, on the construction site, dozens men working actively but one...
  26. Iridyceum

    Photos & Videos The Sexy V Taper Thread

    I am in love with muscular and buff men who flex and show off their wide shoulders and huge lats which is why I made this thread in particular for those who are also into these kinds of stuff. Feel free to post content of hunks highlighting and flexing their wide v taper in any way possible...
  27. Marco Tony

    Why Straight Bodybuilders Never Wish Happy Pride ? - Homophobia In Bodybuilding.

    Why straight bodybuilders never wish happy pride ? They never talks about anything gay. Which is ironic, since gay men are the ones who follows them the most on instagram. Also, those rich gay men in Dubai takes care of them financially. Its nice to feel supported. Especially coming from the...
  28. DarkxRoses

    Photos & Videos Tcasper1991

    Very hot guy that blew up on TikTok at the Renaissance fair. He said he's very open to doing onlyfans, but just wants to get his followers up first so it doesn't flop.
  29. T

    Gay/Gay For Pay Pornstars

    So I was recently browsing YouTube and came across this channel (RippedTrainingDotCom) and I noticed that I'd seen a few of their models in some gay porn before. Their website is no longer up, but I was wondering if anyone knew anything more about this channel or any of the guys on it? It seems...
  30. J


    Got anything on him? OnlyFans Login • Instagram