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  1. musclemicro

    Videos of Muscular Guys Cumming in Locker Rooms

    Wondered if anyone else had videos of muscular guys jerking and cumming in gym locker rooms or showers. This one by stan_alone4 is nice: Jerking off in the gym shower and cumming over my underwear – Stan_alone4 – Gay for Fans Hope I'm not the only one who has this fantasy of walking in to the...
  2. sub4domMen

    Want to get in touch with big hairy and dominant guys from Munich or Bavaria

    Hey, I am a submissive bottom and would love to get in touch with dominant guys from Munich or Bavaria. I like very much hairy, big men with a masculine attitude. I would love to share fantasies, maybe pictures and who knows, if it feels right, maybe let´s meet and have some good fun! :D I´m...
  3. I

    Colby Turner

    20 year old Ohio Hunk Colby Turner, - Sw0lby what do you guys think of this stud
  4. R

    Please help ID this HOT bodybuilder bottom!?

    Tall bodybuilder with a big ass showing off in a thong. Anyone know his name or social media details / Onlyfans?
  5. L

    Who is this muscular and tattooed cam guy?

    Does anyone know who this handsome stud is? Jock Gay Muscle Hunk Jerking Off @ Nuvid
  6. R

    Video Who’s the guy in this video?

    Can someone please help me ID this hot top?Thanks. Str8 College Dude - ThisVid.com
  7. N

    Max Chevalier anyone find him?

    Always been in love this muscular hunk can’t seem to find any social media of him anywhere, anyone know where he is? I believe he’s in Canada but that’s all I know. I’d hire him in a heart beat
  8. M

    Nam Thomas

    This man has one of the best asses on Instagram. I am obsessed with it. His squatting videos are absolutely mouth watering. IG: namnamnamm What turns me on even more is he has done some porn with Chaos Men as Dixon back in 2010. It would be hotter to see him naked now since his ass and thighs...
  9. musclelovergr

    Huge Bodybuilders & other Big Muscle Men of the World

    Portuguese Super-Heavyweight bodybuilder Bernardo "The Big Ben" Lourenço See more: Portuguese Super-Heavyweight bodybuilder Bernardo "The Big Ben" Lourenço
  10. MUSCLE LOVER - Huge Bodybuilders & other Big Muscle Men of the World

    Portuguese Super-Heavyweight bodybuilder Bernardo "The Big Ben" Lourenço

    See more: Portuguese Super-Heavyweight bodybuilder Bernardo "The Big Ben" Lourenço
  11. Evds

    21M bisexual first post

    Hey everyone. Im 21 yo bi guy. I love going to the gym and showing off of course. Follow me on twitter [at]athleticboy10
  12. M

    Links Can you identify this guy?

    https://mymusclevideo.com/58958/pec-bounce-tv/ Guys, I really love that perfect muscle hero pec bouncing alone in the TV show in the second part of this video. Do you know his name? The only things I could find were these pictures, sold for almost 500 euros online, that include more information...
  13. D

    Photos & Videos Hot French Guy on Instagram

    I’ve been following this hot Frenchie — Dan IG since forever. He posts amazing pics of Paris and thirst traps of himself. He totally looks like Lucas Bravo (Emily in Paris), Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill!! Don’t you think? Call me a stalker, but I saved almost all of his selfies
  14. H

    Siwakorn "SP Note" Plukjai

    I adore that he has a very huge body and suckable nips and also a small cock that I could humiliate by milking it raw. His tiny cut cock look so delicious and fun to play with. I wonder how much pain can I inflict on it?
  15. M

    Photo XXL_BIG

    Anyone know anything about this escort, based in Las Vegas, and allegedly Cuban? All I can find is an expired RM profile. Anyone know more?
  16. M

    Photo Gorgeous African (American?) Warrior image

    Have seen this floating around for some time and have been completely unable to source where it's from. I am almost certain it's an editorial image or something from a styled shoot, and to be clear, not at all fetishizing the warrior aspect of it. The guy's just goddamn gorgeous! Help ID?
  17. D

    Photos & Videos Dylan Michael (@dmcrmk): Hot Beefy Texan

    I've been following his IG in years and he's getting bulkier and bulkier. But he's so adorable! He's GAAAAAY!!! Now, I'm wondering if anyone here has nude of him? https://www.instagram.com/dmcrmk/
  18. adee95

    Straight / curious guys looking to cam and jerk off

    Hey guys new to posting around here. I’m looking for any straight curious/bisexual guys who are down to cam and jerkoff together on video (no face required). ++ if you’re fit/muscular. Snap: adee95 Skype: live:.cid.47ac46ce0e3c79f7 Add me interested
  19. Anguia10

    IG/TikTok: KingColt

    Anything on this guy? He’s only 19 and his body is on another level. Like, holy hell. He comes with the normal drama/baggage but besides that, he’s definitely nice to admire. https://instagram.com/kingcolt?utm_medium=copy_link Colt blake on TikTok
  20. lish

    Photos & Videos Pics and video of me

    Hey, Here are some pics of me from my gallery: And a video of me in the shower: Share your thoughts. Do you want me to upload more photos? videos? any requests? You can also add me on insta and tell what you think - lishais11
  21. J


    Hey what’s up guys? Anyone in the Cincinnati, Ohio area? If so, hit me up! Docbirdman84@gmail.com Put LPSG in the subject!
  22. J

    Mr. SOS Black Stripper

    Anybody got anything? Who got the nudes
  23. I

    Id This Guy?

    does anyone know who this guys is?
  24. M

    Photo Daniel De Souza?

    Does anyone have anything on this guy frequently seen at Jacob Riis beach in New York City?
  25. T

    Help Me Identify This Muscular Guy

    I've seen him many times on other forums please help
  26. george_01

    Id Please

    Can someone ID this hottie ? I tried looking for hin thorough google reverse image but I couldn’t find him.
  27. FitCollegeDude

    Home Invasion

    (Friendly) Home invasion Chapter I – Meeting the son I’ve just moved to this neighbourhood with my husband, and we’ve been living here for about a year now. Hubby is traveling a lot for his job as a marketing analyst. This time he was gone for about a week, making me feel quite lonely and...
  28. Dwnpfans


    His Twitter https://twitter.com/itsgreekgod?t=cVoi6ylGShYZbS2O0Vdw0Q&s=09 His instagram https://instagram.com/itgreekgod?utm_medium=copy_link Personal Instagram https://instagram.com/carlos_izquy?utm_medium=copy_link Onlyfans OnlyFans
  29. Z

    Photos & Videos Beefy Muscle Exposed - Bulgarian Porn Actor

    Instagram - kaloo_83
  30. FitCollegeDude

    My Best Friend's Huge Cock

    My best friend's huge cock Chapter I – Talking to an old friend Back in the day I (now 20) had a huge crush on my best friend, let’s call him Tom (now 21). He was very athletic, so he had an amazing body, on top of that he also had a huge cock. We’d fool around sometimes, so I had seen him...