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  1. B

    Mehdi Khalifa

    1/2 of the Khalifa Brothers on TikTok
  2. who is he?

    Muslim Faggot Confession

    Someone has more on him?
  3. R


    feel like we need to speak about this arab tiktoker and all goon over him he is so hot moose (@moosenyc2) | TikTok
  4. D


    Anyone got anything on this guy? HE’s hot AF to me but he’s mu$lim and I think pretty religious as far as I can tell. He has a tiktok and insta and beard line and stuff i think.
  5. W


    Anything on this sexy muslim hunk? Instagram
  6. N

    Haris Berkovic

    Bosnian singer :cool::kissing_heart::bomb:
  7. 8

    Being A Muslim/jewish Circumcised In Europe

    Hey, So there are already many threads about circumcision which are really interesting but on this one I want to speak exclusively of religious circumcision. In a European context - I live in France - almost all circumcised guys had been circumcised for religious reasons. It was my case coming...
  8. D

    Hamad Jaman (insta: Freckledlightskin)

    I know there is another thread on him. But the title of that thread is confusing. They also don't have anything from his onlyfans. OnlyFans Login • Instagram
  9. A

    Arabs In Sportgear, Voyeur

    Am I the only one who gets a hardon seeing arabs in their sweatpants, white socks and sneakers? I guess I am the only one because nowhere is there a site catering to my needs. into masculine, dominant arabs in sportsgear. especially when speaking arab all links to onlyfans, twitter, IG and...
  10. C

    Cuts By Safian On Instagram

    I cant deal with how hot this guy is. Only in my wildest dreams would he be gay but my God the things I would let him do to me. He could dom me all day every day and use my hole as his own personal cumdump.
  11. B

    Photo Bangladeshi Exhibitionist Abid Ahsan

    So this thread is dedicated to hung Bangladeshi medical student, exhibitionist and gay activist Sirajum Munir Shopnil (Stage name: Abid Ahsan). Post what you have, guys. GO!
  12. Amelija

    Video Muslim/arab/persian/indian/afghan/south asian hunks

    Hey, I have always been into a good beefy Muslim guy:heart:! Let's start a fun conversation (hopefully with some steamy media) where we can share & discuss these men :cool: I am going to start with sharing a Afghan Muslim Hunk's videos :):heart: :heart:~Miradisa~:heart: