1. Surik

    Raphael Rodely

    Just gorgeous. Immaculate energy.
  2. D

    AI Art - Nature Hotties

    Meet the “Nature Hotties,” a group of 3 of nature’s handsome, sexy, and fuckable elemental gods. 1. Tierra - The Elemental God of Earth 2. Aquarius - The Nature God of Water 3. Ignatius - The Nature God of Fire
  3. D

    Dan's AI Photos

    Hi gang, been working a lot on my new AI image site. I currently have 7,823 images, which includes a majority of gay male images, among other photos that peaked my interest. Every image on the site I generated with AI. I would love for you to drop by and take a look, vote for your favourite...
  4. user_using_yow_pussii

    Name This Guy For Goodness Sake!!!

    okei, first stop....u know him guys? familiar??
  5. AdonisComplex

    NUDE / NAKED Beach Reviews - GLOBAL

    Thinking we should start a thread, with contributions from those interested, in NAKED/NUDE BEACHES: Location, comfort level, crowd (straight end of the beach vs. gay..), show off and action areas.. Who knows.. we might even end up with members being able to meet up with other members -- when...
  6. cork8x6

    Nature Shots

    Post a favorite photo of you enjoying the great outdoors (and yourself). 2368061
  7. DF1994

    Edward Naranjo (@naranjoedward)

    It always amazes me how much beauty there is in the world and how so many men can be so fine and yet... so uniquely breathtaking!!! Take Mr Naranjo here for instance.
  8. 1

    What are your ways of dealing with chronic stress?

    Hi! Chronic stress is a great problem for many of us. Could you share your ways of dealing with it? I'll start from examples of movies on living closed to nature, vacation and bushcraft from Europe and Asia with info where to look for it on YouTube: Stephanie Margeth FARSHID BEHROOZIAN - see...
  9. Hugh Hungwell

    Photo Nature photo: naked iron butterfly

    'Took this earlier today; 'Thought maybe a few of my friends here might appreciate it. : ) To all: Have an orgasmic weekend!! :cool: