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  1. N

    Crete Greece (Chania, Heraklion): Nudists & Bators

    Hi guys - I’ll be traveling to Crete in June 2023, first in Heraklion and then Chania. Looking for other nudists, naked beach lovers, to hang out and chill with. I’ll not be alone the entire time but can manage to be available from time to time. Hit me up!
  2. MH12345

    London nudists?

    Hi - I’m really into nudism / naturism and would love to chill with likeminded guys of a similar age (under 40 would be ideal really) In the nude! Are there any groups for this, or just individual guys up for it? Strictly non-sexual. Recommendations on nude saunas or events and the like would be...
  3. V

    Black naturists/nudist in london

    Hi guys I just want to know if there are many black naturists/voyeurs on this platform and if so where do they go and how often. Personally I just love being naked around ppl and admiring the naked body but I dont tend to find many Black ppl in london do this so I'm hoping this thread helps.
  4. MH12345

    19, looking for nudist friends my age!

    Hi all, I got into nudism during lockdown and have really enjoyed my experience of it so far. I’ve made some good friends but most are much older than me, and I’d love to meet some nudists around my age who I can relate to a bit better! I’m based in London.
  5. natprv1

    Naturist camp

    Anyone been to a naturist camp in UK or Europe? I’m super interested, and would love to chat to anyone who’s been.
  6. Putinho_campinas

    A talk about body hair and masculinity

    I have a strange shame about my body. Even that I'm totally comfortable about my average body shape and hair, I always feel ashamed when someone sees it. I have a particular problem about staying shirt less, even though I really want to and actually feel comfortable while doing it, I'm always...
  7. C

    Philadelphia guy here

    Hi guys, 30 year old dude in Philadelphia here. Love being naked, and I have an intact penis. I'm friendly and totally down to chat with anyone.
  8. D

    18 year old naturist from London !

    Hey, I just joined. Looking for fellow naturist guys around 18-40. Based in London and looking for chill fellow naturists I can hang with, chat with & maybe go to events like WNBR with. Currently very frustrated that at all the nude events I go to the people are triple my age!
  9. G

    Naked In Front Of Airbnb/couchsurfing Host

    Has anyone got naked in the common areas while staying with a airbnb / misterbandb / Couchsurfing host? What did they say ? here’s a pic of me, stayed at a hot guy’s place from misterbandb for 11 days for work travel. We didn’t chat about nudism but I saw clothing optional on his listing. He...
  10. G


    has anyone been to one of these guys' nudist retreats or done their workout classes? it's a straight guy Thomas Fairman and his gay friend Jason Wimberley https://twitter.com/nakedtrainers?lang=en The straight guy (left) is really hot, would love to spend a retreat with him and workout naked
  11. Krpt

    Danube Lad

    The naturist/nudist Danube Lad Wow! This dude! Bod, face, pecs, cock, balls, skin tone, watch, shades: all on fkin point! Seriously what a cock! :D Ooof! Gosh, darn, who doesn't want more of this lad! ;)
  12. R

    Naked Stag Event Ideas?

    A straight friend of mine is engaged and his wedding/stag party will be next year at some point. We all believe the groom is essentially a closet naturist and is well known for getting naked at the drop of a hat. It used to be just when he was drunk or trying to be funny. Over the years he has...
  13. MykleMikeyMike

    Male Nudism - Newcastle Upon Tyne - Uk

    Looking for male nudists for chill and hang time. Music, drinks, chatting. Can accom in a discreet location near wallsend. Any age,shape, size or sexuality welcome.
  14. 1

    Being Naked In Law

    As I know being naked even in nonsexual situations is not legal in some countries. Could you write about legal regulations in countries that you know?
  15. evolution

    Cooking Nude

    Naked at the stove - men, women, gas, electric, BBQ too. Just naked cooking & the daring thrill. Here's a random start:
  16. C

    Nudist website

    hi guys, as a nudist i enjoy watching naked people doing some activities is there any website that you can suggest? saw a couple of video of mischief in nude beach and thats hot af, i like that. thanks in advance