1. H

    ABS ART-Fighters

    On this thread I would like to discuss abput fighters from this webpage. ABS ART ABS ART specializes in fetished involving gutpunching, vacuuming, navel torture. What's your opinion of this site and it's models?
  2. 4

    Have An Outie, Will You Show Me?

    As I've stated on here before, I'm fascinated with belly buttons. It's my weird childhood interest that carried over, lol. I specifically really like outie belly buttons. I was wondering if any guys would be willing to share their outie belly button? Please? lol. Hopefully I'm not the weirdo...
  3. 4

    Navel Fetish?

    So I've had this fascination with belly buttons since I was like five or six. I blame TV, lol. I'm fascinated with the detailing of them, how everyone's belly button is unique. I'm fascinated with mens and womens belly buttons, both unique in their own way. Especially if it's a ticklish one, I...
  4. MoneyShotss

    Belly/navel Lovers Kik

    Message me on kik if you appreciate bellies or navels. Guys or girls welcome. My kik username is MoneyShots93