new england

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    Advice for cruising in Boston

    I've been really horny recently but don't currently have an organic way to fuck anyone around me who I'm interested in. So I'm thinking about trying the cruising scene but want advice directly from people who are familiar with Boston and a space to ask questions. I've heard of a couple of places...
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    Pete Blackburn

    My favorite local sports commentator deserves a thread. He may be a short king but he is so damn sexy! Anyone have anything on him?
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    Mac Jones

    My hot quarterback deserves his own thread. Not sure what it is about him but he drives me wild with that boy next door smile and lengthy extremities. So, here’s to hoping we can start a nice collection for this beautiful man.
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    help id hot guy in providence ri or boston new england area

    talked to him awhile back and traded pics but dont think i got a name.. any nudes or socials of him?