1. A

    New member intro

    Hey everyone! I've just joined about 2 weeks ago and thought I would write an introduction post, since everyone here seems so nice. First of all, I mainly plan to lurk and just read threads I'm interested in haha. I'm curious about peering into your insightful or hot (or both) conversations...
  2. jamie9inch

    Thank you LPGS for the welcome!

  3. Calipeachdm

    Hi new here

    Hi everyone new on here just wanted to say hi
  4. D

    New! 23M

    Love taking pics and I’m thinking about posting here every now and again Love to hear what you think!
  5. T

    Hey everyone!

    Hi! Trig here. 24 as of the moment. I'm a slim-fit Asian nerd. Just exploring this new platform. I hope to meet new people and hope to get along with everyone!
  6. Collegestud02

    New member 21M hung

    Hey, I’m new here and thought to introduce myself. I already have a bit of an internet presence so if you got any questions feel free to ask
  7. SourCandles

    Hello world! :D

    Hi everyone I'm Sour and I am currently a uni student in London. For now I am just looking to explore stuff tbh as I wanna delve more into my sexuality a bit more!
  8. Elijahpark

    New here

    Looking to start a Reddit and only fans!
  9. Hungldnxx

    28 London, new to LPSG - heres my cock!

    Just signed up to LPSG and thought I’d share what I got, hope you all like it!
  10. Hungldnxx

    New to LPSG - Heres my cock!

    Just signed up to LPSG and thought I’d share what I got, hope you all like it! @Hungldnxx on X
  11. Ajaxgeneral

    Also New

    New here! Hailing from CA, USA. Got here from a Reddit thread complaining about OF :joy:. I only just found out LPSG stood for Large penis support group. At middle-age i am finally coming out as the gay man and the lover of cock I am. I might be on the wrong site, because I like average-sized...
  12. D

    Kinda sleep + Awkward smile =?

    New here looking for friends or fun. Im totally chill.Looking to maybe runaway to an island, cuddle and vibe to music, maybe read a book together, scare children etc hmu if you find me cute-ish or kinda anywa chow❤️
  13. Teenfuckerguy

    Dirty Aged Cock from Europe - 53yo

    Hello, I'm new here but I hope that I will settle in quickly and we will enjoy the pleasure of sex together. A little about me, a man, 53 years old with an always horny dick. Im into: Blowjob Old man fucking Teen Girls Gangbang Double Penetration Gloryhole Uniform Roleplay And much much...
  14. Dom Daddy

    Hows it Going?

    Older guy from UK just wanna say hi to everyone in the forum. Thank you for welcoming me in your group.
  15. D

    New here!

    Hello guys
  16. N

    im new here!! feel free to dm

    hii! new to this site. loving the work u guys do, posting so many cocks for me to see. might contribute someday, who knows! im a gamer who likes pop music, drawing and playing guitar. i also frequently play volleyball if anyone is feeling lonely or wants a friend, or anything else (wink) feel...
  17. J

    New guy on onlyfans who wants to try some new things

    This guys onlyfans relatively new and free but he doesn't know how to advertise so its been just me rlly so i thought I'd help He's skinny, handsome and has the most beautiful eyes have a look. Plus been getting more adventures recently using different toys and trying new things. Check out...
  18. facts.people

    Ciao from north of Italy

    ciao a tutti dall’Italia del nord. Qui per curiosare e trovare qualche video! hey everyone, hi from northern Italy. Here for curiosity and to find some videos!
  19. O

    Hello! Ollie here!

    Hi everyone! New here (that much is obvious)! I'm Ollie, 32, from Nottinghamshire, UK. Excited to chat with some folk and have a browse around some of the pics and discussion. I'm Bi, more into men than women, but I'm open to lots tbh. I mostly enjoy drawing muscular guys and so I'll...
  20. S

    Need explanations

    Well hi, I’m new here and still can’t figure how LPSG works. I’m 18 and a bit bored (the reason I’m here obviously) so please feel free to come explain to me how this works. :)
  21. F

    New guy here, year in with guys

    Hey all. West coast USA area guy. Masc bottom. Love taking dick and swallowing loads
  22. P

    Anybody up for chat/rate?

    Hi! Im new to posting here 21yo. Anybody wants to chat or rate me? :)
  23. B

    New from TX

    What up y’all! New here. 34, 5’7”, 175lbs, good looking, Hispanic, DL-straightISH, looking to make other DL friends and discuss my 20% gay questions/experiences. Say hey and maybe share some… pics? ;)
  24. T

    New to this, 23

    Ahh, I’m new to this. I’m 23 and an ex-frat guy from the Midwest. Would love to show off and find new kinky friends . Video should be attached, not used to this.
  25. Juced


    Hello I’m new to this forum and just recently started posting content. I’m trying to get my content out there so I can maybe focus on something better than a 9-5 (who isn’t) Thank you and enjoy
  26. yesitsmeyoshi

    New guy from Brazil ;-)

    Hi, all. I’m just starting in here to enjoy and have some fun. Please, welcome me!
  27. D

    27 SE Michigan

    Hey I just signed up for this and it encourages you to start a welcome post. Heard about this site from a friend so checking it out. I'm 27 and live in SE Michigan. Not sure what I'm looking for here but got a day off so it'll be cool to check out. Got a pretty big dick and fat ass so let's see...
  28. K

    22 y/o Gay Virgin (Need Advice/Rant)

    Hey, new here. I usually lurk but thought I'd spark some discussion and ask for advice. Soo pretty much what the title says. I'm 22, I graduated last year, still a virgin. Backstory: I was always pretty overweight and dealt with some insecurities. After I graduated I decided i'd get my shit...
  29. D

    29 In SE Michigan

    29 years old, living in Michigan. Literally always horny! My dm’s are always open
  30. D

    Hi, German 22 y.o. Boy into Underwear and Big Toys :)

    Hi y'all! Wow, so many nice people here... im overwhelmed haha