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  1. GAbeardbro9

    It was an accident, I swear!

    Not more than fifteen minutes ago I was clicking back and forth between a popular live, streaming cam site and porn... dick in my left hand... aka Saturday night! Right? Cut to now. No idea what it was that I clicked or where it came from, but I'm here. Having just confirmed my email and...
  2. FattyMcfatty

    Hello There! 39m as the name implies…

    So I found this blog space by total accident and honestly havnt a clue what to expect but seems fun. I’m 39 bit on the FattyMcFatty side of things with a slight on the and I mean slightly bigger side of avg cock. 99%straight 1% who the hell knows. I can appreciate a good looking man or a nice...
  3. R

    CJ Parker - Helix Studios

  4. S

    New guy and a first time on a forum like this

    Hello everybody, Im totally new to a forum like this I'm here to have lots of fun and do online sex games and horny. Im interested in woman and open to new things and find some new sexual adventures ~ im from the netherlands and
  5. TexaStud

    New member ;)

    Hi, new member here, posted two pics already of my ass and dick, can’t wait for all the fun in the future
  6. J


    Buddy of mine just started an OnlyFans and I know you guys will love the content he’s got planned. Free to subscribe. Check it out and lemme know what you think! (Posted with his permission btw)
  7. B


  8. tpz04

    New here :)

    18 yo from Germany just experiencing around and trying to make new friends ;) In my free time I like to cook, draw and do sports.
  9. D

    18m shy sporty UK

    Straight, shy, slutty, sporty stud here! Bored AF. Str8teddyb on Snapchat.
  10. M

    Jimmy Bud

  11. S

    New to Kieran.

    Chapter 1: Intro. Being single can be lonely for Kieran. At 28, he sees his mates settling down and getting married, having kids, or even moving abroad. Kieran used to be out every weekend. Sometimes not coming home for 3 days. But his group of drinking buddies is getting smaller and those...
  12. B

    New from the UK

    Hey everyone. I'm 27, gay and have recently joined the site. Already loving all of the fun here and I'm looking forward to showing off to you guys
  13. F

    New Onlyfans accounts

    I made this thread so we can share our OF and help each other out who knows maybe we can help people ma;) I’m giving out one month trials to my of for the next ten people just so you guys can see what I’m about I’m gonna be reposting everything I had I just needed to like revamp OnlyFans come...
  14. A

    New here :)

    Hi guys I’m a submissive college bottom with an insane love for big cocks and gay porn. I’m excited to join this community where I can share this love with likeminded men, show off and hopefully form some connections
  15. Monkeydfans

    New booty here

    Like I said in my bio, new to this whole process. But hope to meet some people on here who’ll enjoy my content
  16. B

    Tell me what you wanna do

    So what do we think?
  17. D

    New and introducing myself

    Hello created this account a couple months ago after I coming across lpsg a few times and wanted to see what goes on. posting this just to say hey. about me: 30 year old bi guy living in Europe, don’t have a large penis but I am a fan of them so I guess I’m here to support haha. see you...
  18. K

    Middle estren bi join you

    Hey everyone I am ali 28 middle estren I like to try new things my asl 168 62 my cock is 6 Inches and this is my pic My snap: alishoon22
  19. D

    Hello Members!

    Hello everyone. I am a newbie and wanted to say hello, I look forward to seeing all your posts, threads and hopefully responses. Get to know me so I can get to know you :heart:
  20. M

    New guy from Brazil

    Hello everyone , I'm new here , to be honest I don't know exactly what this site is for , but I'm ready to find out
  21. D

    Trying something new

    Have known about this site for quite a while. Finally decided to join to see if it can help resolve my penis envy issues. I thought randomly expressing on here would help. We shall see. Happy to answer any questions you might have. And I might eventually put up some pics. See how this goes!
  22. LockedAndL0aded

    Finally putting this account to use.

    Hey everyone! This account might be a bit old already, but this is the first time I'm actually logging in and using it. Looking forward to hanging out in the forums and taking advantage of my verified status.
  23. B

    Trae Young

    I’m surprised that he’s doesn’t have a thread yet
  24. R

    New London

    Hello, I’m a new user here. Gay, 32yr, London based
  25. foxxysoxxy96

    New - Kind of Small

    Hey guys! I used to be a member here but stopped being as active during the pandemic. I’m pretty small and I know that’s not everybody’s cup of tea but I still like showing off from time to time and comparing with much bigger guys. Comments always welcome.

    Hey Subb Bottom

    Hello! My fellow bottoms. Let create an album of our thick booty’sss :imp::heart:
  27. Gayredditor4

    Dutch gay guy, 23 years old with a thick dick and lots of cum

    Hey guys! I joined this site long ago but I finally went and got myself verified. In for a hot chat or more if you don't live too far away. Hmu! About myself : I'm 23 yo, versa and a big shooter. My thick is roughly as long as it is thick
  28. ryankeane

    1st post 23 uk

    Hi guys, not new here but finally got the courage and confidence to make a post. Here's to getting involved in this community...
  29. Q

    chris williams captain_c13 (onlyfans)

    This is chris williams his Ofans sub is free BUT you have to pay for his pix/vids individually so if anyone sees his yk lmk OnlyFans
  30. D

    Is my dick Big?

    Hey i'm 20 and from Germany. You think my dick is big?