1. Q

    NFL Player Kyle Hamilton

    Kyle Hamilton
  2. M

    Justin Pugh NFL

    Justin Pugh NFL football player with the New York giants. Anyone got anything on him?
  3. T

    Candid celeb underwear

    Candidly what underwear brand have you seen celebs wear? Not brand deals like skims for nick bosa or Brady brand by Tom Brady, only candid. Mainly nfl, nba, golf, other sports
  4. T

    Jeff Driskel nfl

    HOLY SHIT! look at that dump truck! feel free to post anything you can find on him
  5. T

    Jack Del Rio

    I remember always finding him hot way back when he coached the Jaguars. I guess he's one of the coaches on Washington. But he was hot young and still has it. I would do so many things to him. Hot piece of meat. And when he wears his sunglasses, swoon!!
  6. D

    Matt Pattison

    Matt Pattison - a tall slice of handsome muscle. IFBB Pro, former NFL Matt Pattison IG
  7. L

    Mr. Irrelevant Brock Purdy

    QB for the San Francisco 49ers. I think he’s earned his own thread. His religious thing is kind of a turn off but he’s cute and his body is great. Big Cock Brock!
  8. T

    NFL and College BBC

    A thread dedicated to the prints, bulges and cakes of black NFL and College players.
  9. T

    Kevin Burkhardt

    The sportscaster is so hot!!
  10. T

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Fitzmagic, more like Fitzhotness. It was time Ryan Fitzpatrick got an official page. He doesn't only have a likable personality, but he's so hot. There's so many fantasies that come to mind. Anyone else agree?
  11. linebacker69

    Photo General Booty, Oklahoma QB

    pending chain-bondage Prince Oklahoma “Sooners” QB General Booty appreciation thread Sexy fuck with an awesome name
  12. linebacker69

    Saturdays are for the boys

    For a split moment, Chandler Bretton, standing at 6'5, a college senior, looked at the fraternity pledge paddle hung on the wall near him. Remembering how it stung two years ago, and how great it felt to be using it on the new fraternity’s freshmen in the following years. But it did not hold...
  13. eddie_boy

    JD Bertrand (football)

    Dedicating this thread to JD Bertrand, currently a linebacker for Notre Dame Fighting Irish. An absolute blonde hunk.
  14. T

    Top 3 hottest NFL coaches in my option...

    Not a fan of any of the teams they coach and out of the three John Harbaugh genuinely seems the nicest. But look wise these three men are so hot! And all three are equal to me. Thoughts? Dan Campbell Josh McDaniels John Harbaugh
  15. zazzo

    CJ Stroud (football)

    Opening the thread on CJ Stroud
  16. treyking402

    - Football Dick.Prints -

  17. treyking402

    Kenny Stills -football player-

  18. treyking402

    Damar Hamlin -football player-

  19. B

    Photo What percentage of NFL players wear jockstraps??

    How many NFL players still wear jockstraps vs compression pants?? Post evidence of active players still wearing jockstraps with their names.
  20. B

    Mac Jones

    My hot quarterback deserves his own thread. Not sure what it is about him but he drives me wild with that boy next door smile and lengthy extremities. So, here’s to hoping we can start a nice collection for this beautiful man.
  21. DFoster

    David Njoku

    Sexy tight end for the Cleveland Browns has a huge body, long beautiful hair and a dump truck for a booty!
  22. H

    Baker Mayfield

    Yalll this man!!!
  23. DFoster

    CeeDee Lamb

    CeeDee Lamb anybody?
  24. treyking402

    Darren Waller -football player-

  25. treyking402

    Kendrick Bourne -Football Player-

  26. treyking402

    Justin Fields -football player-

  27. treyking402

    Chase Young -football player-

  28. D


    This Thread is dedicated to Athletes (NFL and NBA Players) College as well
  29. treyking402

    - Football Season -

  30. treyking402

    Jamal Davis - NFL Player -