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    Luke Richardson

    Big Chicago Blackhawks fan here. And I have to do some bragging about our hot coach! Man the things I would do to him. He's so hot and perfect.
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    Jeff Skinner (Buffalo Sabres)

    Buffalo Sabres #53 Jeff Skinner
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    Auston Matthews

    Surprised there isn't a thread for him since he's one of the biggest hockey players around. Anyone have any good shirtless/butt pics of him?
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    Premiere Lacrosse League

    we all know of adonis Paul Rabil but does anyone have more on the rest of the stallions playing professional lacrosse? just gave a few prime examples (in order Sergio Perkovic, Eli Gobrecht, Marcus Holman) but there are many more players just as gorgeous
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    Photos & Videos Tyler Seguin (nhl)

    This Tyler. He’s beautiful. Plays hockey for Dallas. 6668161 This is Tyler distracted 6668151 And jumping rope 6668251 6668241 Here he is suggestively eating a popsicle 6668261 And hanging out on a machine naked 6668271 Talking in the locker room 6668221 Looking at his tattoos 6668181...
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    Nhl Players?

    Anyone have any pics or vids of any current NHL players? (Other than the body issue ones in another thread)
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    Tom wilson - nhl

    Anyone have good bulge shots or nudes of this fine fellow? This is the gorgeous hunk’s Insta: Tom Wilson (@tom_wilso) • Instagram photos and videos
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    Anything on zach werenski (nhl player)?

    I literally made this account just so I could ask if anyone has anything or has baited him or anything. He's really fine, and I'd love to see more of his body and bulge.
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    Zach werenski (nhl)

    I'm gonna be straight up with you all- you're probably not going to know who this is unless you follow NHL actively. I've had a crush on this NHL boy for a long time now, and was wondering if anyone has anything on him? If you're into baiting, he's kind of a fuck boy *cough cough*. He has a...