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  1. Love in a Mist

    What Did You See In Your Wet Dream?

    Last night, while I was sleeping; I dream that I grab my dad dick and stroke it very hard. In the morning, I woke up, smelled something juicy and touch my pants then I realize that it was soaked by my sticky juicy condensed milk. How was your wet dream? What did you see during your wet dream?
  2. Oliver91

    Late Night Skypers (est)

    Hey guys, Who's usually up late nights (NY time) and open to Skyping? Feel free to add me: live:mroliversteinn Let's chat! —Oli
  3. jacksonknight78

    Morning/night Wood

    We all know about morning wood. But does anyone out there get especially hard at night before bed time? Or is it just me? After a long day and shower. I put on some clean briefs and lay down, maybe watch some Netflix. And all the time, no matter what position I sit. I start getting a boner and...
  4. Amar

    Escape The Night - Hot Men (youtube)

    Just started watch this series. There are so many fit, sexy men.