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  1. D

    New Edging member

    Hey, new here and looking forward to being part of this community. Main kink, edging myself and nipple play. Free spirited and open to learn things.
  2. P

    Who's this guy?

    Hey guys, Found this hunk on Reddit. Couldn't id him. Anybody? Such a hot body and cock. :P Thanx.
  3. G

    Id hunk with big pecs

    Any idea who this might be
  4. Donovan Bancroft

    Hot gay videos of Men getting their nipples sucked

    I have a HUGE nipple kink regarding men. I could suck on a guy's juicy nips for hours. Please post any hot videos of guys getting their nips sucked here. Bonus points if the guy(s) got big muscular pecs and nice juicy nipples!
  5. Chris Levin

    Who are they? (Twitter Nipple Play)

    I found this hot vid on Twitter but no one left the @ of the two guys? Do they look familiar to anyone?
  6. I

    Id This Guy?

    does anyone know who this guys is?
  7. A

    Is It Normal To Demand Daily Stimulation?

    We are a gay couple in our thirties. The bottom often craves that the top stimulates his nipples, almost daily, without this leading to sex. Sometimes the top demands that the bottom lets the top rim him, even though the foreplay does not lead to sexual intercourse. (We have sex almost every...
  8. 9

    Photo New Here... Let Me Know What You Guys Think Of Me

    I Just discovered this place. Wanna see if it's worth it lol
  9. altnorms

    Tit/nipple Play Skype Group

    Feel free to join: Join conversation If you'd like to share nipple stuff, or have fun playing on cam!
  10. fastandfurious01

    What Kind Of Nipple Wear Is This?

    Hi guys, Just wanted to know if any one can let me know what this guy is wearing on his nipples. Is it a piece that only goes around the tip or could it be some kind of piercing? If it’s not a piercing, I’m guessing it’s available to buy from sex shops... Thanks guys
  11. hunglowcolorado

    Photos & Videos Women's Nipples - Poking And Covered

    This is a thread started in appreciation for women and how sexy they look when their nipples are hard and poking through their clothing, and also when they are covered but visible in sheer or wet clothing. Enjoy and please feel free to submit your own pics.
  12. Koutaka

    Hi From Japan!

    Hi all, I’m from Japan. Though I don’t have a big dick, i love watching them :) Would love to make fellow penis loving friends.
  13. P

    Photos & Videos Does Anybody Have A Kissing Or Nipple Fetish?

    I love seeing gay men making out, not like JJ Knight kissing another guy but actually making out like choking with the guys tongue....It normally happens mostly at the start of every porn video and sometimes I dont even both to Watch the rest:joy: My favourite clip of all time has to be Vander...
  14. 4

    Any Fictional Characters You'd Like To Dress As?

    Some of you might be doing this already, but I wanted to know who are the fictional characters you'd like to dress as. For me, it's the jungle boy: I've been fascinated with the jungle boy since I was a child. Fun fact, I'll be having a tickle meeting with me role played as jungle boy. I'm so...
  15. SocksOff75

    Id Help: Identify This Cute Brit Cammer.

    Here he is, adorably roleplaying as an alpha. :p I'd love to see more of him, but the uploader on ThisVid had not identified him by name. He looks a bit familiar, almost like a cross between Leon Mallett and others. But I cannot place him or remember anything. Can any of you recognize him...
  16. Mordecai_

    Nipple Orgasms

    How many of you guys have been able to ejaculate solely from playing with your nipples? Mine are quite sensitive and I precum all over the place after about 15 minutes of straight nipple stimulation but I haven't been able to bust one this way yet. Any tips for getting beyond the point of no...
  17. 1

    Nipple Piercing Pics

    Kinda wanna have both my nipples pierced. any tips, pics and vids about this?