1. Yimvmligv

    Porn Actors/Web Personalities with bear body type

    Show off your favorite erotic professional with this type of body
  2. M

    Video Help ID the hot bottom

    Anyone know who they are? Help ID the bottom thanks
  3. Lasagna34

    TikTok Pecs and Nips

    So we got a TikTok BULGE and a TikTok BOOTY thread, but what about a TikTok Pecs and Nips thread? Post what y'all got!
  4. B

    Nipple Tit Skype

    Looking for groups or 1on1 for Nipple and Tit Play - I don't show face but I do audio live:.cid.848e7d3d0d0b9d04 - Hairy bear into all body types/ages (20+)
  5. Z

    Photos & Videos The delicious nipples of these gentlemen

    They're so beautiful and I love observing them so closely! We love caressing them, licking them, groping them, nibbling them... Protruding, round, elongated, small, brown or pink... In all shapes and forms, these gentlemen's nipples are delicious, so let's share the best finds on this thread...
  6. C

    Nipple 69

    Why don’t more gay pornstars do 69 nipple sucking? I rarely ever see it— only know 3 videos that have it. Does anyone do this or know any videos of it?
  7. H

    gay men, which one is the best

    go ahead!
  8. Z

    Help identify this thai gay sex video

    Thai handsome boys - Can someone help to identify this video?
  9. Z

    Help identify japanese video

    Does anyone know where this video is taken from? The names?
  10. Z

    Help ID this video Does anyone know the names of the guys in this video? Or the source of this video ?
  11. B

    Anyone have some nice nipple play porn with hunks with big pecs and big areolas?

    Maybe some with protruding, hard, and bitable nipple nubs too?
  12. Krolath

    Anyone know who this guy is?

    I need to find this hot guy. i found this pic from:
  13. Il2wu51

    New Roommate(s) Part 0: Prologue

    Damn! That is my third time to read that sentence and I still don't know what it says. I just can't seem to concentrate when every time I look up from this laptop Dave's nipples are staring into my soul. I've been working remotely for about a year and spend at least an hour every day here in...
  14. M

    Ryan Chmelik

    I have no words. This man is just a dream.
  15. W

    Victor - Armzbro97 - Muscle Worship OF

    This guy is so hot. Love how verbal he gets when teasing. Anything on his OF content? Login • Instagram
  16. xag

    Muscled Spaniard on instagram?

    Anyone knows this guy's instagram? OnlyFans
  17. S

    Photos & Videos Andreu King (@andruxxx OF; @CristiNF4F TW) guy with big juicy nipples

    Does anyone has content from his OF? This thread is meant to be for sharing what's being asked, not to be reposting what's already on his TW (since it's his public account)! For example these really HOT videos I found where his nipples are being sucked and showing off his body:
  18. P

    Jerking From behind

    I found this position to be one of mi favorites to do on someone or on me because i can jerk the other guy and controling his orgasm and at the same time i can play with his armpits chest nipples and neck
  19. B

    Need help identifying whose body this is?

    found the picture on discord.
  20. X

    Video Who is this muscular bearded guy?

  21. D

    Can someone tell me who this is?

    Does anyone know who this person is?
  22. C

    Juno Jowett

    Pretty boy from instagram. He has a nice body, pretty face and nice suckable nipples. Always in a tank top. Wondering why nobody talks about him on here
  23. R

    Photo Help Identifying these nipple sucking guys

  24. D

    New Edging member

    Hey, new here and looking forward to being part of this community. Main kink, edging myself and nipple play. Free spirited and open to learn things.
  25. P

    Who's this guy?

    Hey guys, Found this hunk on Reddit. Couldn't id him. Anybody? Such a hot body and cock. :P Thanx.
  26. G

    Id hunk with big pecs

    Any idea who this might be
  27. urfavdeviant

    Hot gay videos of Men getting their nipples sucked

    I have a HUGE nipple kink regarding men. I could suck on a guy's juicy nips for hours. Please post any hot videos of guys getting their nips sucked here. Bonus points if the guy(s) got big muscular pecs and nice juicy nipples!
  28. Chris Levin

    Who are they? (Twitter Nipple Play)

    I found this hot vid on Twitter but no one left the @ of the two guys? Do they look familiar to anyone?
  29. I

    Id This Guy?

    does anyone know who this guys is?
  30. A

    Is It Normal To Demand Daily Stimulation?

    We are a gay couple in our thirties. The bottom often craves that the top stimulates his nipples, almost daily, without this leading to sex. Sometimes the top demands that the bottom lets the top rim him, even though the foreplay does not lead to sexual intercourse. (We have sex almost every...