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  1. S

    ID Help: Nice Pecs And Nipple Play Guy

    Can someone please help me ID this man? I love this video of him playing with his nipples. I would love to find more on him, but I don't know his twitter or JustForFans. Does anyone know?
  2. S

    Your Masturbation Technique

    In preparation for the end of No Nut November, are there any techniques or hand positions you have found over the years which make jerking off extra enjoyable? This could be a different grip, playing with other parts like balls, nipples etc. I’ll definitely have to edge to try them all!
  3. pittstopp

    Photo Deivid_jerez

    Instagram: deivid_jerez Youtube: Jerez Coaster Adventures Twitter: @coasterjerez
  4. riqui22

    Beltran Gonzalez - Beautiful Spanish Model

    Thought this incredible model/photographer/filmmaker should have his own thread. He’s so beautiful!
  5. I

    Chubby Nipples Videos?

    Hi, im new here btw ili chubby/bears mans with big moobs and it is so hard to find boys playing with their moobs. I saw a little on twitter but most of them has only fans.
  6. riqui22

    Eduardo Mateos - Gorgeous Spanish Model

    Beautiful model friend of Beltran Gonzalez.
  7. riqui22

    Maxim Azerlian

    Gorgeous Russian model living in Bangkok. IG: @maximzero13
  8. Y

    Help - Id Guy Or Scene

    Does anyone know who he is or what scene this is from?
  9. Krpt

    Id Sexy Model With Stubble

    Who is this sexy model? I love his slightly mischievous smile and his just-right stubbly beard. He's got such attractive eyes and hair, a manly Adam's apple - and those dark pecs, oof! More here: Hot af model - Google Drive (Polite request: Please do not post...
  10. purkem

    Men With Big Nipples

    Nips, areolas, pecs—anything related! I haven’t seen a thread for this yet. Big fetish of mine lol Anyone else?
  11. Sirnikonn

    Romeo Price

    Anyone else super into this guy? I especially love his nipples Log In And Access Premium Porn Videos | Pornhub Premium
  12. Grant_6000

    Show Off Your Hairy Pits, Dudes. I'll Start . . .

    My hairy pits and tits drive men and women wild. Anyone else into 'em???
  13. H

    Nipple Pumping Questions

    Hi guys, so I love pumping my nipples. Wanted to get that extruded nipple look but hasn't been too successful. So what are some tips and tricks you guys use to achieve that look? how long does it take? Also to nipple pumpping enthusiasts, when you have the nipple sucker on for too long, does...
  14. U

    Vin Rana

    Just a page for VinRana stans and thirsty troupes. To start - here's my 4 biggest turn ons: 1. Vin Rana shirtless 2. Vin Rana admiring himself taking a selfie 3. Vin Rana grinning at how sexy he looks. 4. Piercings
  15. evolution

    Tiny Nipples

    Anyone else have a thing for tiny nipples on men? An example borrowed from the muscle shirt thread;
  16. altnorms

    Tit/nipple Play Skype Group

    Feel free to join: Join conversation If you'd like to share nipple stuff, or have fun playing on cam!
  17. Hotmusclefun

    Jeff Clean, From F4f, Hottest Latin Muscle Guy On Cam...

    Hi guys, I'd start a new thread on Jeff Clean from F4f, dude is massive, one of the hottest guys out there, don't know how there isn't a thread on him already... Jeff Clean: Webcam Bio - Naked Pics, Nude Male Videos
  18. T

    Davidm_h Or David1m_h

    A place to share pictures of this gorgeous hunk! Looks like he's just opened an Onlyfans too: OnlyFans.
  19. 4

    Photo Sexy-xiong - Bara Muscle

    https://myreadingmanga.info/boys-summer-vol-1-cn/ https://myreadingmanga.info/nobi-nobita-sexnobi-summers-end-muscle-heat-eng/ https://myreadingmanga.info/nobi-nobita-muscle-milk-bath-uncensored-cg/
  20. hunglowcolorado

    Photos & Videos Women's Nipples - Poking And Covered

    This is a thread started in appreciation for women and how sexy they look when their nipples are hard and poking through their clothing, and also when they are covered but visible in sheer or wet clothing. Enjoy and please feel free to submit your own pics.
  21. 4

    Pecs And Nips

    Hi all, My nipples are hardwired to my dick and I absolutely love having them sucked on and lightly bitten. :yum I know a lot of guys are similar. Feel free to post your favorite pics of guys pecs and Nips. Here are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy! ;)
  22. E

    Tony Defina

    Whatever happened to Tony Defina? He was gorgeous but seems to have disappeared since (judging by the quality of videos) around the early 2000s?
  23. 1

    Anyone Know This Tall Hung Muscle Dude With Glasses?

    Cam guy cums several times. Rubs dick against nipples. MUSCLE CAM !
  24. 1

    Someone There Know This Black God Name?

    Who is this god? I came so hard to this
  25. 1

    Nipple Piercing Pics

    Kinda wanna have both my nipples pierced. any tips, pics and vids about this?
  26. Capitolhillguy

    Photo Nipples In Gay Erotica Vs. Gay Video Porn

    I partake of a lot of porn in various forms. What is strange to me is video porn almost always completely ignores nipples whereas the majority of the written erotica I've read devotes time to nipple worship. I wonder why the difference. Nipples in videos are almost never ever addressed even in...
  27. O

    Photo Filatov_sport hot pecs leaked

    Guys, post here everything you have for him! His instagram is filatov_sport
  28. K

    Photo Does anybody knows his name?

  29. BlkPumper

    Frot and pump. any takers?

    Enjoying what I'm seeing and learning. Feeling the need to Frot and Pump. Any takers?