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  1. E

    Open showers in Norway (gyms, swimming pools, hostels, campsites etc.)

    Do you know any good open showers in Norway? male only. would love to see pictures of the showers too if possible!
  2. T

    Oskar Westerlin Norwegian influencer naked on snapchat

    Hey! Did anyone take a screenshot of his snapchat story yesterday? Apparently his dick was showing in one of the images!
  3. R

    Oslo, Norway Saunas

    Hi all, I'm planning a trip to Oslo in a few months and would love to go to as many saunas as possible. I've read traveller advice that says saunas "are generally separated" but wondered if anyone can suggest any saunas from personal experience? Looking to be naked around other guys and not...
  4. H

    Norwegian Celebrities

    Noticed there wasnt a thread of naked norwegian men. So here it goes
  5. W

    Snapchat (only Fit Boys/men)

    Data: 20 y/o, fit, good looking and cute My Snapchat: V24021999 - Add me! Only cute, fit or hung boys/young men
  6. geofinn

    Scandinavian Guys

    Scandi guys - show off. Non-Scandis: tag Scandi guys you like looking at.
  7. zet54

    Victor Sotberg

    Since I first saw him on videos of British youtubers I had a crush on him. He is such a nice person and so hot. These eyes are irresistible! He is 28, from Norway and bisexual. Does anybody have pics or vids of him?
  8. F

    Norwegians On Onlyfans

    Feel free to promote your own of-account, or give tips if you know of any Norwegians on OnlyFans, or Twitter
  9. PoetMalaki

    Ole andreas - ex on the beach norway

    Anything on this guy? I heard he did show something on Ex On the Beach Norway