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  1. Amphlett

    Mathias Normann - Sexy football player

    MATHIAS NORMANN Known in Norway for being quite dense and special. Has said some weird stuff, has an on-and-off relationship with a Russian golddigger and he plays for a Russian football team, - which in these times is very controversial. However, he's so frickin' hot! He has that beautiful and...
  2. Greenkai3000

    Scandinavian Men

    I’ve been to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark over the last few years. I can agree that Scandinavian men are among the most stunning looking in the world. Swedish men (and women} specially , blew me away. They were very friendly too. I would love to get this thread started by sharing pics of who...
  3. T

    Oskar Westerlin Norwegian influencer naked on snapchat

    Hey! Did anyone take a screenshot of his snapchat story yesterday? Apparently his dick was showing in one of the images!
  4. twinkish92

    Norwegian Viking OF

    Come check out my hot and horny content for 30 % discount! Hurry, only first 30 people get the discount. Pennywise Onlyfans
  5. H

    Norwegian Celebrities

    Noticed there wasnt a thread of naked norwegian men. So here it goes
  6. S

    Vegard Harm

    Anyone got anything on this hot Norwegian guy, Vegard Harm?
  7. R

    Hung Norwegian Emil Lybekk

    Just found out about this super hot Norwegian guy who does death diving: Login • Instagram In many of his videos he jumps off bridges in his underwear and has a massive bulge (for example ). I could find this 2 videos where he jumps into the water naked, but unfortunately you can't see...
  8. geofinn

    Scandinavian Guys

    Scandi guys - show off. Non-Scandis: tag Scandi guys you like looking at.
  9. G

    Nkd.dan Hot Instagram Account

    Nowegian hottie nkd.dan has a great IG account. Anyone has non IG-stuff?
  10. F

    Norwegians On Onlyfans

    Feel free to promote your own of-account, or give tips if you know of any Norwegians on OnlyFans, or Twitter
  11. L

    Olav Stubberud, Norwegian Photographer

    Does anyone have anything on Olav Stubberud? He’s a Norwegian photographer that usually travels around a lot. He’s pretty hot and looks like he has a big dick.
  12. Vaneco

    Kim rune hansen- snowboarder

    Kim Rune Hansen is a hot Norwegian snowboarder