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  1. Paty.vi

    Privacy @femelandri alguém tem?

    Gente, ele trabalha em circo, alguém tem algo dele??
  2. H

    Nice to meet you, Im Hunner. I am 100% gay and completely devoted to human nature… this includes our divine alchemical connection to one another!

    I am looking to connect and alchemically bond with like minded beautiful sexual souls! I enjoy art, music, writing, meditation, yoga, nudity, hiking, kayaking, working out and eating GREAT foods! I am versatile and very kinky though physically… I have experienced NOT MUCH. I shared my virginity...
  3. E

    Have you ever walked in on someone wanking

    Has another else had a similar situation? A few weeks ago my brother accidentally sent me nudes instead of his girlfriend the next night i walked in on him mid nut. There was a lot of holding in moans and faces, He couldn’t really cover up so we both just sat staring at each other while it...
  4. Kaiowolch


  5. L

    mattigallettini_ / mattiaagallettini

    do someone have something abt him ? He’s so Hooot
  6. N

    Please help me identify

    Please, help me to identify this extreme beauty
  7. G

    Help me find this guy

    Hello everyone, I stumbled into this hot guys's picture but I can't find his name anywhere. https://cdn.sex.com/images/pinporn/2021/01/11/24362101.jpg?width=620&site=sex&user=phnix Also I'm very into these bathtub fantasty, if you have any other to suggest :) Thank you!!
  8. D

    Sexy Muscle Asians

    Hey there! Anyone else into muscular/fit Asian guys? I see them more and more and can’t deny how into them I am. If anyone else has any names and pictures of models and such to share, please do! IG @ captainyangpu
  9. D

    Someone With Nude Stomach Vaccums?

    Pics of male bodybuilders doing Stomach Vacuum nude. It's hard to find, far more than nude bodybuilders bouncing their pecs. But recently, I've been discovering that as fetiche. Stomach vacuum is so interesting as pec bounce, and doing that naked is so hot as is hard to find. Someone with pics...
  10. BarebottomTX

    Do You Have A Spanking Story?

    I’m interested in hearing about your experiences with spanking, stories, fantasies regardless of whether you are on the giving or receiving end. Discussion is open for Male, or Females. My ex-wife typically took control in our marriage, and had rules for me to follow. She was often clothed...
  11. S

    Notstoud_ On Tik Tok Stoud

    Anything on stoudamire? Him and jaredjones are good friends they moved to LA together I think. But he’s so fine
  12. B

    Harvey Ashley

    Has anyone subbed to his only fans? He’s extremely hot hahaha
  13. B

    Photos & Videos Thechosen7/tiktoker

    Anyone have anything on this guy @thechosen7 6511491
  14. ste321

    Photo Hellstaff - Hot Onlyfans Model

    Hellstaff is a sexy model, boy next door with a hot muscle bod. He's having a $3.50 promo at the moment. Tons of sexy nude pics and vids, lots of cum and ass play... he shows off his bod and cock from every angle. His early pics show his toned bod and a nice bush, his cock soft and hard...
  15. N

    Alex Mentink / @menthink

    Hi! I noticed yesterday his girlfriend Alicia Moffet posted a nude shot of him accidentally in her insta stories and I can’t seem to find the video! Is there by any chance someone has it saved?
  16. X


    Does anyone have anything on this stud from Austin?
  17. Backtwoblk

    Spanish Boys

    I wanna get some Spanish boy showing their dicks come on show us what u got. Drop your snapchats if you don’t wanna post ur dick.
  18. R

    Photos & Videos Peterrabbit

    does anyone have any of the onlyfans of it ??
  19. N

    Nicholas Petricca - Walk The Moon (band) Vocalist

    Anyone got anything on him?
  20. T

    Photo Hot _gianlu93_ ig!

    Hi guys, anything on him? Such a hottie
  21. Joshua Workman

    Celebrity fakes

    Okay, so as there are loads of fakes in seperate threads— I thought to just make one for them all, these should be mostly singers/actors and male. Disclaimer; Sorry, if there’s already a thread of this. I didn’t look before starting one so excuse me. Here is two;
  22. L

    Photo Does anyone have photos of the hot boy david lesage?

    Does anyone have photos of the hot Boy David Lesage?