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  1. L

    Seeking London Nudist Couchsurf

    Curious about nudism, would like to try a nudist couchsurf/overnight stay/misterbnb in London. Not looking fun just experience chilling naked. Happy to pay for the stay!
  2. Surik

    Raphael Rodely

    Just gorgeous. Immaculate energy.
  3. L

    Joseph Lau fitness

    Post any new stuff here
  4. J

    Naturist Hangouts

    Anyone around Manchester enjoying chilling nude indoors now it’s getting colder? I’m 38, looking for other guys around my age or younger to chill with.
  5. B

    WNBR London 2021?

    Anyone have any other pics or videos of the beauty?
  6. N

    Crete Greece (Chania, Heraklion): Nudists & Bators

    Hi guys - I’ll be traveling to Crete in June 2023, first in Heraklion and then Chania. Looking for other nudists, naked beach lovers, to hang out and chill with. I’ll not be alone the entire time but can manage to be available from time to time. Hit me up!
  7. J

    Help me find a youtube video of a French nudist

    I once saw a video on Youtube of a French nudist. He wanted to visit a nudists couple of a man and a woman who lived far from others and lived with organic stuffs and so. I remember the guy was a Youtuber and had many other videos and I also saw him on Instagram but I can't remember hi username...
  8. V

    Black naturists/nudist in london

    Hi guys I just want to know if there are many black naturists/voyeurs on this platform and if so where do they go and how often. Personally I just love being naked around ppl and admiring the naked body but I dont tend to find many Black ppl in london do this so I'm hoping this thread helps.
  9. D

    Young Nudists Perth - Meetup?

    Hey, a guy in mid-twenties here looking to see if there are any guys in and around Perth who are interested in nudism? I love the idea of being naked on the beach with guys my age but everything nudist here seems to be dominated by much older guys. Not that there’s anything wrong with older...
  10. N

    Couple fun ones for tonight.

  11. B

    Nudist beaches in europe? i have one of the biggest cocks in d world and almost no way of showing it off.

    im a str8 male, wit 1 of d biggest cocks in d world, wit so many women obsessing over it hard and me having no way of showing i have what dey desire d most, what r some of d popular nudist beaches in europe? google shows almost nothing if i lived in a tropical climate like the carribean, south...
  12. L

    Roommate search in chicago

    Hey there. I'm looking for a roommate to move in to an apartment. It's a big place, extremely affordable and in a great location. Message me and I can share more details
  13. natprv1

    Naturist camp

    Anyone been to a naturist camp in UK or Europe? I’m super interested, and would love to chat to anyone who’s been.
  14. Rodney Dakus

    SPH at its best—book title must be a joke lol

    SPH at its best—book title must be a joke lol Exhibitionist Extra Small Funny Porn Little Dick Micropenis Nudist Voyeur r/NSFWFunny r/sph Porn GIF by jmillem
  15. D


  16. A

    Tampa area nudism?

    Anyone know anywhere to get nude with others anywhere near Tampa? Not looking for an overnight stay or anything super pricey, just wanna be naked with others or outside
  17. A

    Tampa Area Nudism?

    Anyone know any good opportunities to be nude with others in the Tampa area? I know there are some nudist resorts but not sure what they are like for a single male who is not looking to stay a night. Just wanna get my cock out in the sun somewhere with others
  18. C

    James - MancJames

    anybody got any photos of this stunning fella?
  19. D

    Good morning

    good morning
  20. D

    good morning

    good morning
  21. J

    Handsome Fit Nudecaster

    Does anyone know more about this guy? The vids are a bit old from Clothesfree, but his name is apparently Adrian Diaz. He appeared in shows 130-134 and is never seen anywhere else. I’ve had no luck finding him online and what he’s up to now. Attached are the pics. :heart_eyes:
  22. D

    good morning

    good morning
  23. M

    Montreal gym/open shower/ spa

    Hi guys any good recommendations when gyms reopen. feel free to share your stories
  24. D

    good morning

    good morning
  25. Aronpc

    Nottingham bators

    Looking for local nottingham wank/naturist buddies. Open minded easy going and always, well, you know! On kik becksboy19. Prefer younger amd smooth but defo not set in stone. Hung is a must
  26. D

    Mister B&b

    Hey guys, I’ve been thinking about using Mister B&B for an upcoming trip. I’m also interested in a clothing-optional place, and I’ve heard some rumors that sometimes guys may hook up with the hosts, but it really depends on the vibe in the moment. I know there are some older threads on here...
  27. O

    Gran Canaria Or Tenerife Hotel Sauna

    Hey I know Gran Canaria and Tenerife are popular with Swedish and German tourists, who both love a Sauna. And a number of hotels have sauna's. Anyone got any experience or recommendations of showing off or just hanging in naked/no towel hotel saunas? Especially any male/female separate sauna...
  28. G

    Misterb&b Hosts

    Any guys on here who host on misterb&b / misterbandb / misterbnb? or any guys on there who you know are hung / nudist ?
  29. G

    Naked In Front Of Airbnb/couchsurfing Host

    Has anyone got naked in the common areas while staying with a airbnb / misterbandb / Couchsurfing host? What did they say ? here’s a pic of me, stayed at a hot guy’s place from misterbandb for 11 days for work travel. We didn’t chat about nudism but I saw clothing optional on his listing. He...
  30. G


    has anyone been to one of these guys' nudist retreats or done their workout classes? it's a straight guy Thomas Fairman and his gay friend Jason Wimberley https://twitter.com/nakedtrainers?lang=en The straight guy (left) is really hot, would love to spend a retreat with him and workout naked