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open relationships

  1. BecauseImHorny


    I think I might be monogam-ish. HuffPost defines monogam-ish as: "Monogamish occurs when two people mutually agree (without any emotional, financial or other coercion) that certain types of sex outside of their relationship are okay and don't count as cheating. For a monogamish agreement to...
  2. oceanaway20

    Gay Man Open Couples

    Starting this thread so open couples can meet and eventually get together :)
  3. pretzelslut

    Poly/non-monagamous Folks

    So I know there are a lot of misconceptions/preconceptions when it comes to open relationships. I've been in both monogamous and polyamorous and I enjoy aspects of both of them. I've been dating my current boyfriend since early September and from the very start we had established that we would...