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open showers

  1. C

    Campgrounds with open or communal showers

    Thinking back fondly of seeing my first naked guy in a semi-open shower at a campground. Does anyone know of any campgrounds in northern california that are set up that way? Or in the rest of the US?
  2. M

    Communal showers northern CA

    My current gym with open showers is shutting down, what are some other gyms in Northern California/ Bay Area that have open showers. thanks
  3. A

    Nuffield Gym Battersea

    This is a new thread to discuss Nuffield Gym Battersea and in particular the men’s spa. The spa, located in the men’s locker rooms for the gym, has a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi as well as semi open showers (glass dividers, no doors or curtains).
  4. L

    NYC gyms with open showers?

    So, following my previous thread on cruising spots in NYC, are there any gyms in NYC with open showers these days? My last visit, back in 2019 I did couple of visits to several Equinox gyms and I think most of them have dividers. Also, in general, as of March 2022, gyms in NYC have been...
  5. Real Hidden Communal Showers

    Real Hidden Communal Showers

    Is it wrong that I enjoy the natural and real vids the best? Like swim shower style, communal/open, gang, locker room and so on and so on. But, you must surely get the drift, by now. The more authentic the video is the better it is to me. I want to pay tribute to the true beauty of male body...
  6. Showerfancrazy

    Links Communal/Gang Showers

    Classic, Vintage, Old School, what ever you want to call it. Still the best vids ever. It becoming harder and harder to find those amateur, real hidden cam style. Super big in 90s. Now it’s all stagged and acted. If you know where to find any of these hidden gems. Pls share how you did and leave...
  7. M

    Communal and Open Gym/pool Showers in Brisbane

    Does anyone know any good open or communal gang style showers in Brisbane? does not seem to any around.
  8. J

    Gyms With Open Showers In Liverpool

    Hey, I’ve tried a few gyms in Liverpool but all seem to be really modest in terms of showers - with all the privacy anyone could want. Does anyone know of any gyms in the area that have open showers good for showing off as well as checking other guys out?
  9. D

    London Open/communal Showers

    Hi everyone, I have to visit London in the near future and I'm looking to stay in a hotel or hostel that has open/communal male showers. It always spices up my travels when i get to shower with a hot guy. Can anyone reccommend some places? Thanks in advance
  10. S

    Charlotte, Nc Info

    Hey guys, looking for a little help. Brand new to Charlotte and would like to find some good spots to see 19-35 yo crowd. Would prefer open showers, urinals with no dividers, cruisy areas, etc. Not into the gay bar scene, but may eventually try that too. Im in my 40's fit, bi, white, 140#...
  11. W

    Warsaw, Poland - Open Showers

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any gyms or other kinds of facilities in Warsaw with open showers? Would love to visit one some day Got any recommendations?
  12. MeatJoeBlack

    London - Better Gym

    Hi guys. Recently signed up for a Better gym membership (better.org.uk) which includes access to all clubs in the UK. I'm hoping to explore the different London clubs, not just my nearest club, especially at the weekends. Does anyone have an opinion on the best ones in London? Also if anyone...
  13. D

    Open showers / gym in madrid

    Hey guys, looking for a good gym to join in Madrid since I'll be there for the summer. Any place that has open gang showers? Or steam room, or sauna, or even showy vibe in general? Also any nude places to hang in or around there? Thanks!