1. 18hungverse

    18, gay and horny, add me!

    18, gay and really horny. add me on snap! i’ve also got an instagram if that suits you more instagram: getwellsoonpity snapchat: alexsshitworld
  2. A

    Hey everyone!

    What’s going on! I’m back on the platform after taking a break. Hope all is well for everyone. I’m a gay male located in Canada and love to use LPSG during my free time. Love public fun and outdoor videos .. kinky stuff haha!
  3. H

    Open/communal Showers In Italy

    Do you know places where there are open/communal showers? Everything is cool: hostels, pools, gyms, whatever. I can start suggesting the "Acquaworld" water park in Concorezzo, near Milan. Open showers, you see the guys in front of you (not next to you tho). At the end on the day, many guys take...
  4. S

    Video Extreme Kinky Anal Gape With Fabreez Can And Screwdrivers

    I was bored and horny at work today and wanted my ass to be filled up sooo badly that I went on the hunt to find some objects to stretch my ass out with and make me feel naughty ;)
  5. 1

    Open Relationships

    Hi all, My partner and I are in the process of opening up our relationship. I've been doing a lot of thinking and reading on the topic. I'd love to know from any of you what advice you have. What's worked for you? What hasn't? I definitely want to make sure we think and plan so that way we can...