1. D


    Does anyone use one? Any pics of yours? I enjoy my blue Oxballs Muscle and want to pick up the uncut Oxballs Miguel soon.
  2. shankity

    Ball Stretching Tips For A Beginner?

    Hey guys. Recently got a bathmate and an oxballs type cock sling. I’m just an average sized guy, but I really want to focus on ball stretching. The bathmate is more something I got just to see what happens, more focused on my sac. Mine are usually up fairly high, and the cock sling feels like...
  3. E

    Slings And Oxballs

    Hi guys! is there any good site to buy a sling stand? I cannot afford to pay almost 300/500 €/$ Is there also someone using OXBALLS cockring? because I bought one (the OXSLING) and I really love it but it stretch too much my balls. is there any way to enlarge it little bit? teak you guys!
  4. D


    How long should I keep a Cocksling on for.