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  1. cupcakke69

    videos of men having their pants half down with ass cleavage

  2. Moniqa

    Shower bf

    So I got lucky and have a bf with enormous dick I always wanted, the thing is she's totally a shower, exactly 8inches all the time with huge girth aswell, so he mostly wear sweats, he look good ngl but sometimes its showing too much, any idea how to make it less obvious? I mean its good for it...
  3. R

    Why do straight guys keep hands in pants?

    Hi Guys, Im curious why guys keep hands in pants. Do they put them on top of underwear or in underwear?
  4. Akbro77

    Photos & Videos Precum Stain/Spot Pics

    Love seeing pics of guys who have precum spots/stains through underwear… but better yet their pants. Any body have photos of themselves or others that fit the bill? Especially hot when the guy is in public and isnt aware. (piss dribbles are hot too, and welcome)
  5. D


    Struggling to keep my cock under control In my pants!.. Should I just put it away.. try to forget about it... or bash it to death... something to remember?
  6. T

    Straight boy's silly videos

    This is what happens when bored Straight boys become even more bored... Uggggg Title: How to take your pants off?
  7. D

    Jeans/khakis On During Sex

    I am a huge fan of seeing the top of a guy's ass/underwear waist band during sex... Anyone else find these hot? There are some older Tyler Nixon and James Dean videos where their nice asses were barely showing while they were getting blown or fucking. Anyone have any of their favorite examples...
  8. W

    Who Is This Sexy Model?

    Anyone knows?
  9. D

    London (west) Underwear

    Mid 40s guy, 6 1, 90kg, attractive hairy dad bod, keen to share underwear/Speedos try-on session with other men. Not after sex, rather the intimacy which comes from being naked around another man. Looking for men who can host.
  10. 2

    Hands Down Your You Pants In Public

    Can I just ask, was there a day in school were the pull all you straight boys aside as said it’s fine to gently play with your junk in public? I’ve never under why this became a thing in my generation. I mean god knows I ain’t complain - it’s kinda hot, but just thought I’d ask. Are you...
  11. Rafael Carlos

    Bulges And Heavy Packages

    Pictures of men displaying their bulges. Men erotically clothed.
  12. M

    Hot Adidas Training Pants / Pants

    I find them ultra sexy. You can see bulges and nice ass. Does anybody have some pics to share?
  13. hunglowcolorado

    Photo Sexy Yoga Pants

    Just wanted to start a new thread featuring sexy women in yoga pants and leggings . I am a huge fan of yoga pants and leggings and love that women wear them all the time...everywhere they go. Feel free to post any pics you like. I especially welcome any ladies here to post pics of you in your...
  14. 1

    Show Arse In Underwear

    I love to show my arse in underwear.. Show us yours.. Let's see arse, cheeks, crack.. Fuck I am turned on by this..
  15. 1

    Just Showing My Beach And Pool Wear For Holiday..

    Fuerteventura Spain here I come.. Which of these numbers is your favourite? I got turned on putting them on.. Followed by a good hard wank..
  16. jackoliver

    Chino pants bulge more?

    Chino pants makes my bulge look even bigger and noticeable, is it also like that for you? I like the view though :)
  17. good_guy

    You get to choose my next swimwear :)

    Hey there! I'm looking for a new swimwear for the summer time and I need your advice! Looking for something sexy for a tall and slim body type - I'm toned not muscular (You can see in my profile pic) I want a swimwear that will help me to "Show off" if someone is looking but will not catch...