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  1. G


  2. D

    Rolf Sanchez (dutch/ dominican)

    Dit heeft papi Rolf gwn op zn insta staan
  3. M

    Crave from BiLatinMen

    Crave is one of the hottest tops on BiLatinMen. I love his body, cock, and long lashes. I haven’t seen him in a long time. Where the hell is this man?? Anyone know anything about him??
  4. B

    Anything on mastabliss or prettydickbliss

    Been following this hairy big dick papi for a while but would love to see more of his content on onlyfans. What do y’all got?
  5. D

    @evaldotrainer (EVAL)

    Papasote rico en insta, twitter y tiktok.
  6. J

    Alex Coronado

    this man is so fucking sexy
  7. Nxmxr

    Armando Aka Mandoleyva

    I couldn't find a thread on him, so I decided to make one. This man is legit so hot it hurts omg!
  8. N

    Kiethen Bundy

    Anyone know anything about this Sexy Light Skin boy named Kiethen Bundy. He said he was 20 or 21 on his livestream last year but i couldn't find anything else about him. Also lives in California and wants to be a surf instructor. He has a awesome body but never shows it off. Seems to be the...
  9. M

    Video Nakedpapis 'martin'

    Hey everyone! Im looking for a specific video.. there is a model named 'Martin' from nakedpapis. I'll post the small clip from xvideos: does anyone have access to this video??? very very interested!!
  10. C

    Nyc Dominican?

    Anyone got anything on this gorgeous dominican papi from NYC? His IG is el__domi (with 2 underscores)
  11. C

    Nyc Dominican?

    Anyone got anything on this gorgeous dominican papi from NYC? His IG is el__domi (with 2 underscores)
  12. V

    Edrick Nieves 27 Las Vegas

    Sup anyone know me around here ;)
  13. C

    Hot Papi Jr Ramirez

    I haven't seen a post about him, so here it is, the hot Cuban actor from NBC'S "Manifest" where he plays Detective Jared Vasquez... I so wanna ride him especially when he wears that blue shirt and tie and it clings on the right places on him...the re aren't much out there but I...
  14. W

    Anyone Subscribe?

    Wanna know if it’s worth it
  15. D

    Puerto Rican Papi

    Jacob Payne is an athletic man that used to play football and basketball. I'm gonna post what i have which is more than a few. Please feel free to add if you have anything
  16. Christian1938

    Any Hung Daddy’s?

    21 m hairy masc ready to cum I shoot big loads. Looking for Masc hung or muscle daddy cock Skype - chris.johnson5034