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  1. fitstud95

    Photos & Videos kalani lenehan

    followed this guy a while back bc he's fine as hell. no sign of an OF or twitter in his linktree. today i saw that Jake O’Donnell posted some spicy photos of the guy and i'm hoping that kalani starts an OF or at least shares some ass and/or cock content?? what's the vibe??? kalani's insta
  2. M

    can anyone ID this man with huge pecs ?

    tiktok of a guy with these gorgeous huge hairy pecs. the tiktok ID in the video is an acct that just posts hot guys so i’ve hit a dead end since no one knows his name but he’s def on tiktok.
  3. HornyJock

    Edward Romero @eggward.r

    Anyone got anything interesting on this hot stud?
  4. W

    Jan Hulk Vaculík - drpowerlifter - Viribus Fitness

    He is hot. Regarding his OF, is it worth it? OnlyFans Login • Instagram
  5. F

    Reed DuPont @reeddupont

    Starting a thread for Reed DuPont. Insta YouTube TikTok He's a really hot country boy from Texas. Mainly posts workout, country, hunting, cowboy, and ranch life content. Would love if people had more of his content.
  6. Undercover Lover

    Undercover Lover

    Years ago, when I first joined the Army one of my first TDY (temporary duty) assignments was to be counter surveillance. We were basically tasked with following around the dudes where were gonna be the next super spies. As part of that we had to lead them places, pass information, and other...
  7. M

    Kane Rogal

    I came across this sexy man Kane Rogal on Instagram. He is Filipino and sexy as fuck. I want him so bad. Is there anything on him?? Thoughts??? IG: @kane.rogal82
  8. W

    Victor - Armzbro97 - Muscle Worship OF

    This guy is so hot. Love how verbal he gets when teasing. Anything on his OF content? https://twitter.com/armzbro97 Login • Instagram
  9. L

    Gareth West (Anime Voice Actor)

    Anyone know or have anything on this sexy Voice Actor? He's been in Haikyuu and a few other shows. Looked him up for the first time and he is sexy! I read in one of his posts that he's also over 6 feet....I think I'm ready to bottom. Enjoy him and I hope something pops up!
  10. C

    ID Hunk Sex Pecs

    Hunk Sex Pecs - xgaytube.com Who is this?
  11. E

    Tattoed Muscle hunk worshipped

    Hi everybody! Could you please help me find the ID of this guy? Thanks ;) https://thisvid.com/videos/tattooed-muscle-worship/
  12. Darpint_acknowledger

    Isai Ortiz

    This man needs his own thread, he’s started posting more risqué things recently. anyone have any nudes of his?
  13. xag

    Muscled Spaniard on instagram?

    Anyone knows this guy's instagram? OnlyFans
  14. W


    Anything regarding AmonFlex? OnlyFans
  15. J

    Anything on this handsome Indian muscle god?

    Lots of hot flexing on his youtube page, but I'm hoping he has some nude modeling or porn out there. He is handsome and has a perfect body.
  16. U

    Need help finding who this man is

  17. T

    Photos & Videos Coach_Fireman_ (Desmond Spann)

  18. F

    Who is this??

    Found this pic on IG without a tag or source. I recognize it but have no idea who it is… Does anyone know?
  19. M

    Brandt Eckerfield

    I came across this dude on Instagram by the name of Brandt Eckerfield. First off, he identifies as STRAIGHT. But I can’t help but compliment his ass, thighs, and pecs. He is shorter which kind of makes it hotter for some reason. He kind of turns me on. I want him to sit on my face and ride it...
  20. PauloLeiT3

    Photos & Videos Anderson Kayron Bahu

    Algo desse gostoso? Insta: @andersonkayron
  21. M

    ID this GIF?

    Someone knows where this bodybuilder / athlete bouncing pecs in Under Armour come from?? bo
  22. likwid

    Pro Wrestler Nick Ruiz aka The Wiseguy

    Tribute to independent pro wrestler Nick Ruiz aka The Wiseguy. He also made some appearances on WWE and AEW getting his muscle body destroyed. Check by soon for more pictures and clips of this muscle hunk of wrestling.
  23. M

    Need help identifying whose body this is?

    found the picture on discord.
  24. bluespy55

    Photos & Videos ellelucas92

    OnlyFans Twitter Second Twitter (Has Previews)
  25. J

    Help identifying pec worshipping video

    Hi anyone knows where I can find the original scene this video is taken from? Thank you beefymuscle.com - Pec worship
  26. XStudX

    Sexy Studs

    Place to talk and post pics, vids, gifs about sexy studs that you’re into (Dms are open) I have a lot so I’ll start:
  27. likwid

    Webcam Muscle Hunks

    Raw Matthews
  28. N

    Any more content on Nikita/ Max from TGS?

    Hi guys, as I don't know if I'm allowed to write the studio's name, I'll just call it TGS - you may know the studio I mean. I really enjoyed both scenes from Max (2) / Maxim (also called Nikita) aka Big Pec Russian: Big Pec Russian Nikita https://www.yesgay.xyz/videos/4279/big-pec-russian/ Big...
  29. S

    Douglas Coleman Flirt4Free Model

    He's been a model on flirt4free for a long time now. He is quite possibly one of the sexiest men I have seen on that site. I'm a huge fan of his smile, his beautiful lips, his amazing pecs and nipples. I'm truly curious if anyone has anything on him, photos, clips whatever, I'd love to see it!
  30. MomentoMori92

    Super (MK Youtuber)

    Idk if this dude has a thread on here yet, but he deserves one cause he is sexy as hell. Big pecs, nice smile, thick legs & super nerdy.