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  1. S

    Pissing in the street

  2. xex.95

    Gay Piss Porn

    Best golden shower sites?
  3. J

    Fedx/you Pee S ;

    Recently started at my new job at FedX two weeks ago and as holidays are approaching I needed extra cash so yeah. As most of you know. They don’t have restrooms inside the trucks. (They have to find a bathroom or make their own bathroom lol (lot of drivers tend to pee in water bottles)...
  4. S

    Show Off Your Big Boy Pissing...

    golden showers
  5. dany2soca

    I Love To Show Off My Cum....

    I love to make some pvt sessions ...8 ' cock,tall,big biceps,cum....pee...,big asshole. On skype : dandre85
  6. F

    Uti.... std..... :(

    So there is a first time for everything... in the last 24 hours are so, it had begun to hurt when I pee. A stinging, uncomfortable feeling when I urinate. I'm circumcised and it hurts on the underside, usually where you get a prince Albert. That little gland where the semen comes out from...