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  1. G

    Jack Savoretti - bulge

    You guys really need to check out Jack Savoretti, the international, well-known singer. He's always bulging obscenely. And he doesn't seem to care or be aware of it. Here are just a few examples, I will post more: From 0:03:
  2. I

    Spread Legs And Erect Penis

    Let's share pics of men with spread legs and erect penis. I like them so much! And you too...I know.
  3. M

    Hispanic Men Have Big Dicks

    I've been doing some research about penis size, global averages, averages by country, etc. The stereotype of black men being the most well hung is widely known. I was wondering about perceptions/experiences with Hispanic/Latin penis size. From what I gather there is a stereotype that Latin men...
  4. N

    Edging/cum Control Nyc

    I’m looking to find guys who enjoy giving slow edging strokes and cum control sessions in NYC. I see a lot of videos about this but never experienced it.
  5. PunkJohn

    Why Do You Like A Penis?

    How and when did it start?
  6. 1

    Male Celebrities Naked

    The thread to post any male public figure and their dicks!