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  1. M

    AJ Bacaro

    This professional wrestler and personal trainer from NYC is AJ Bacaro. He is one sexy guy with a nice ass. Is there anything on him? Thoughts?? IG: @bacaroaj X: @ajbacaro
  2. W

    Polish Hunk Eryk (Ervkvvv)

    Appreciation post for a fellow European, Polish bodybuilder/fitness influencer: Eryk (@Ervkvvv). He posts in English and Polish it seems. In earlier posts, I saw he offered personal training online too. Beast of a man with a masculine look and if the bulges are anything to judge back, the man is...
  3. 1


    Login • Instagram I wonder he does not have topic yet. Does he have OF? Do you have naked photos and videos of him? Thank you
  4. Speedofan37

    Photo Reece Williamson - UK PT

    Fit Scottish PT IG: reecewilliamsonn
  5. Y

    Roleplay snapchat - mesmerising the dominant

    Hey! I love the dom-sub idea of roleplay. I will explain the roleplay and if u want to engage in it, just drop your snap below. I would preferably like it on cam or texts and vids, depending if the people I stay with are home or not. So, I would be the dom. In the roleplay context, I could be...
  6. D

    Roberto Gatto

    Any photos and video of this gorgeous fitness trainer based in the UK? Goes by the handle @thebodyshpr on Instagram and Twitter.
  7. Danter11

    Rogerio De Melo
  8. Danter11


    Brasilian personal trainer
  9. Danter11

    Roberto Debortoli

    Login • Instagram
  10. T

    marco Langley pa

    Anything on this hot pa guy?
  11. O

    Rafael D' Avila - Brazilian IG Personal Trainer/Actor and massive hottie

    OMG this man is everything! Beautiful on the outside and in ❤️ love when I see him with doggies and being gentle with elderly people. But ya know I’d love to see what’s under his sunga! He is soooo hot it takes my breath away! I understand that a few years ago he did massages and was a bit more...
  12. L

    South London - Personal Trainer

    I’m looking for recommendations for a Personal trainer in south london (preferably gay) as I’ve had issues with straight male trainers before but also open to straight guys if they are good at their job. thanks in advance
  13. R

    Gio Mitrano - Tattooed Personal Trainer

    Hellp Guys, I just came across on this tattooed handsome with oozing of sex appeal. I'm surprised there's no thread about him. Anything more from this handsome? Giò Mitrano (@gio_mitrano) • Instagram photos and videos
  14. J

    Can someone ID him? Think im getting catfished possible

    Anyone know who this is? Supposedly he’s a personal trainer in jersey. If you have his socials please comment
  15. coolguy1313

    Photo TheJaimeFit - PT

    Any pics, vids or info from Jaime (Jimmy) Morales? He’s a PT from Equinox (NYC) and was born in Puerto Rico.
  16. A

    True story - bromance with my PT

    So, I thought I’d post here since some stories aren’t just eroticised fiction but true accounts, and I’ve just had my own that I had to share. So a few years ago, not feeling great about myself, I joined a gym to get back into shape and the gym supplied me with 3 free PT sessions as an...
  17. S

    Photo Can anyone help ID this hunk

    Was sure I used to follow him on Instagram- he’s a PT from Glasgow, think his first name is Mark.
  18. Aaron888

    Photo Need more info

    I have a big crush on him. Can someone find more info on him ?
  19. A

    Photos & Videos Lido Andoni

    anything on this slutty bodybuilder muscle bottom?
  20. Z


    Do you have anything of this amazing hunk? Instagram
  21. J

    Sam Wright

    This boy can do many things to me
  22. M

    George Ta /

    George Ta is an amazing bodybuilder nutritionist who travels between Dubai and Los Angeles. He is absolutely gorgeous, perfect, and radiates masculinity. At the same time, has an amazing ass you could eat for days. His eyes are so intense. Who has further information on this man??
  23. Durhurman

    Nc Trainer Or Virtual Accountability Buddy

    Hey folks! I live in Durham NC and am trying so hard to grow more. I'm noticing great changes but might have hot a plateau. Ive never used a personal trainer but really want to find a great bodybuilder that's ambitious about lifting and willing to help me cross this hill. Or at least a good...
  24. O

    Safwan Alvi: Onlyfans & Fitness

    He is likes sooo hot omg. South asian dudes are like legit the best... I heard he has OF does anyone have any content of his you can share? I bought some from his OF and im living for it. I literally want more... help?
  25. camiloramorim

    My Dream To Have A Bigger Body Can Someone Help Me?

    Brazil oie gente, estou a muito tempo querendo engordar, sempre sofri muito com autoestima por ser muito magro. nao to pedindo para ser super musculoso, só de eu poder ter um corpo mais cheio eu seria a pessoa mais feliz do mundo. Só consigo treinar em casa com uns pesos, abdominais e...
  26. C

    Tik Tok Adam Bam

    I came across the guys profile on TikTok last year and I always thought he was good looking. just wondered if anyone had any more pictures of him? TikTok
  27. BigBootyGlobalTrotter

    @gianmarco.costa92 - Hot Italian Pt

  28. 1

    Please Help Id Him

    DreamHunks: Image Hi, I have tried to find his name by using Google Picture Search but I have not find anything. What is his name? Insta? Onlyfans? Thank you
  29. G

    Naked Yoga & Stretching

    Am thinking positive for 2021 and wanting to explore naked yoga/easy stretching. Anyone recommend 1:2:1 sessions in london - obviously once free to train, semi fit guy as cycle 4 times a week but now needing to gain more flexibility so wanting to try yoga and happy to try naked too being a...
  30. D

    Dietrich Rios

    Apparently, he has a premium Snapchat where he shows nudes and more. Dietreich Rios-Nicolaisen Login • Instagram