1. V

    Marco Gumabao Filipino Actor and Model

    Marco Gumabao is a 29 years Filipino actor and model, half brother of also actor and model Paolo Gumabao. He is currently dating Cristine Reyes a famous Filipina movie star who is 5 years older than him.
  2. J

    Two hung friends in Philippines

    This is a real story. Me and my good buddy are both good friends since many years. One of the reasons is because we are both hung and we often jerk off together and play with each other. We wanted to go somewhere together for vacation and try to explore our sexualities and have fun. We had...
  3. M

    Apollo Male Entertainmen Bar (Philippines)

    Hello. Does anyone know anything about one of their models 'Diether'? Thank you! ❣️
  4. thotxian

    Hi! I'm new here

    Hi. I am Xian. 22. Asian. From Philippines. Nice to meet you. Here's my buddy saying hello ;)
  5. R

    ID help

    Hi can anyone id the guy on the right? Thanks
  6. B

    New to this, I hope to find someone to live in haha

    I wanna live free and to be with someone I love <3
  7. B

    Photos & Videos Jerald Prelligera

    Does anyone has anything on this hot youtuber boy from the Philippines? He is also known as iambam18 or jeraldlosmagos . He has been hinting about starting an Onlyfans and claiming to send dici pics on Twitter dms.
  8. R

    Abspinoy69 On Xtube

    does anyone have any updates for abspinoy69 on xtube? he hasnt uploaded for a few years. there's an account on pornhub named abspinoy1 with some of his videos but i dont think that's him.
  9. E

    Manila Singles

    Hi there , I'm 22 gay more likely femboy. I'm single and I would like to meet people that can love or have fun with. Also I'm chubby
  10. giocio

    John paul aranton

    He was a fitness model from the Philippines a while back ago, I don’t have much else. I cannot post any pics of him here, but if someone has anything on him please let me know.
  11. R

    Anyone in manila who wants to wrestle?

    Chubby guy here who's into wrestling ill be in manila for a few weeks mssg me if interested