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  1. geofinn

    Phimosis: Upload Your Before and After Pics

    Hi! My partner is looking at curing his phimosis. It'd be helpful for him and others to see which treatments are most effective. Also, it's a good way of seeing how far you've come and a way to keep others going on their non-surgical treatments.
  2. D

    My Adult Circumcision Journey

    Last week I got circumcised. I visited the doctor last year about my tight foreskin. He thought it was thrush and give me thrush cream. It did not work so I visited a different doctor as they previous did not examine my penis. He just looked at it. The new doctor tried to pull back my foreskin...
  3. V

    Nauwe Voorhuid

    Heey allemaal ik heb al mijn hele leven een te nauwe voorhuid. Als mijn penis slap is gaat de voorhuid er redelijk makkelijk overheen maar in stijve toestand alleen met veel moeite en door rustig aan te doen. Neuken is niet mogelijk omdat ik vrij zeker ben dat er dan iets scheurd en mijn eikel...
  4. E

    Help - Phimosis Issues.

    Hello, I've been reading many posts in here and meanwhile some answer a few questions, none answer this one. I have phimosis since I can remember, I found out when I masturbated with a neighbor who pulled his foreskin down like nothing while I was there stuck, later on in porn I noticed the...
  5. S


    I have phimosis, would like to chat with others, in person about it and how to help each other. I’m thinking of Circumcision, but would like to save foreskin. Let’s connect
  6. M

    Videos of porn stars/amateurs w/ phimosis or tight/long foreskins?

    came across some real hot vids of guys flaunting them gigantic phimosis cocks and cumming here's a folder I'm putting together big fat phimosis cocks now i saw chubby guys with small/normal phimosis jo vids dimmed lights and everything before and was never interested, but watching sticky goos...
  7. envybig1

    To those who retract! (intact)(circumcise?)

    My first post here was about advice on getting circumcised and wanting to hear the different experiences of others who got cut later in life. It's actually how I found this site in the first place. Here is the link if you're interested - Circumcised? advice please.... , but if you don't want to...