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  1. TheEasyA

    Robert Mapplethorpe’s Photos

    Anyone remember Mapplethorpe’s erotic photography? I studied it a few years back in an art class in college and absolutely fell in love with his work. Here’s some of my favorites. Feel free to post more!
  2. F

    Artistic Nudes: Looking For Models...

    Hello Everyone, I live in the Niagara Region, within the Golden Horseshoe, in Ontario Canada. I'm an artist (drawing/ mixed media) and I have some photography. I'm looking to gain some experience, and wanting to try my hand at artistic nudes. I don't have any money to offer unfortunately, but I...
  3. B

    Antoine Soubriez

    Hi guys ! Do you have uncensored pictures of this guy ? I hope so :)
  4. C

    Liam H@ll

    hey i search a full pic from Liam hall by Paul freeman or can tell me in which Book from Paul Freeman i found this pics.other hot pics from him :)
  5. 1

    Onlyfans Account "models Reference"

    I created this thread so that we can reference all the links available on LPSG Onlyfans models and that everyone can see them ... we can add the different links of the same models on LPSG and also add his account Onlyfans, instagram and twitter Don't hesitate to add all the links that you can...