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  1. Dwnpfans

    Mauricio Idrogo (brakone)

    Hot photographer // Fotógrafo muy ardiente Tiktok TikTok Twitter https://twitter.com/Brakone2?t=_GOqdxLosAjnVRBWriEbvg&s=09 (On his Twitter you can check the link to his onlyfans) © Pictures from Mauricio Idrogo's official Twitter account
  2. V

    Photos & Videos Raul Higuera photographer uncensored

    Hi has anyone a video of the photography session of Raul Higuera for Soho Magazine of Colombia? There is a photo that is censored which shows a boner ¿has anyone the uncensored photography?
  3. 0


    Something about Cardan Sanchez? Algo de Cardan Sanchez? OF: Lordan Ig: mr.lordan Tw: @mrcardansanchez
  4. O

    Help me find this guy?

    Found this on twitter. Some sort of nature photographer has his friend video him playing with his cock. He says “you’re the only friend I can really do this with” which tells me he likes doing it often and I’m hoping there’s more of him!
  5. U

    Anderson Martinez

    his handles are @andymartinezx1 and @andynartinezx2 on instagram he used to have lots more pictures of his bulge which is huge btw. Wondering if anyone has anything on him.
  6. B

    Photos & Videos LUKE ABBY (hung ph)

    new york/berlin based horse hung little twunk photographer&director VERYraunchy ♥ https://www.instagram.com/lukeabby/
  7. Y

    Gabriel Perez Silva (Hot Fashion Photographer)

    He's a young fashion photographer who is incredibly cute, sexy, and has a cute body. Any more pictures of him? I would love to see his XXX
  8. C

    Fashion Photographer Steven Klein's Pictures

    Starting a thread here about fashion photographer Steven Klein's pictures He has photographed all these male models over the years in various sexual settings! I will start sharing my collection depending on everyone's reaction... IF you are going to post something, please at least credit the...
  9. D

    My First Photo Shoot!

    It was Dallas and I was broke. I had lost my last job and needed cash just to survive. I was 24 at the time and becoming desperate. I needed money quick, so I started looking at ads on Craigslist and actually looked at some ads in porn magazines. I hadn’t done anything like that, but had seen...
  10. T

    Damon Baker Of

    You guys the photographer Damon Baker is considering to open an Onlyfans. I would love to have a thread where we can share his content. He works with men like Dylan Geick , Noah Beck and more. If you don’t know him should definitely visit his Ig Acc. His work is amazing. His Ig...
  11. T

    Photographer Of/j4f/p Accounts

    Any suggestions about good photographer accounts? Here are some mine experiences. OF - malebeauty - lot of great nudes, mostly russian OF - walterkurtz- not as "frontal" as other but still good OF - alexis_salgues - great quality, lot of frontals OF - markleighton - my favourite, a lot of non...
  12. F


    Any photographers on here? Amateurs or professionals, and anything in between. If so, what do you usually shoot for subject matter? What do you shoot with? Even if you are just taking photos on here to show, feel free to join the discussion. If you are able too, share a photo or two on here...
  13. M

    Carlos Marti (spanish Model, Photographer)

    New thread desicated to spanish hot model Carlos Marti Garcia
  14. M


    Hey Guys! Let's post here videos/pictures/GIFs of cameran-operators/photographers etc. joining in to the scenes, having fun or "helping" their models or just trying to test their boundaries. Let's post only real and unscripted stuff that isn't designed to look like this like certain...
  15. D

    London Photographers

    I've been wanting to do a photoshoot for a while, a big old mix of fashion, physique, risqué and nude stuff, and am looking for a great photographer to do it. Does anyone follow any awesome male-centric photographers on IG or anywhere that are London-based or not too far? If you are a...
  16. hunkymen

    Links Exclusive Photos

    A new digital magazine with exclusive models and photographers. Many of them naked. allhunkmen . com
  17. frankfontaine

    No Sex Please, We're British !

    No sex please we're British, is the name of my journal that im trying to self publish so i can get my kids thru the next 6 months, without worrying about food clothing or nappy costs and i can focus on homeschooling them. The journal is about being a queer dad, working in the adult industry in...
  18. A

    Mateus Porto (@orograph)

  19. L

    Olav Stubberud, Norwegian Photographer

    Does anyone have anything on Olav Stubberud? He’s a Norwegian photographer that usually travels around a lot. He’s pretty hot and looks like he has a big dick.
  20. Capitolhillguy

    Xie Ziqiu: Photographer Of Asian Gods

  21. joshl2jk

    Toronto Porn Scene

    Are there any sites geared toward adult content...(yes porn) based out of Toronto currently in the works for men?..call yourself gay..bi...str8...spirited...whatever. Anyone interested ...has serious ideas?...filming...editing..shooting Yes ...i have read a plethora of articles on here about...
  22. H

    Bad Boyz Of Bjp

    Anyone got more of these "kinda" censored pics of hung, amateur models from "Bad Boyz of BJP"?
  23. D

    Korean Model

    Anyone know this Korean model or the photographer? Some twitter posted it without any info. I did some research and found an insta from a photographer called @bleu_the_k who takes similar pics of korean models but I’m not sure if he’s the one that took this particular pic. If anyone has any...
  24. 1


    Anybody got nudes of him?
  25. J

    Monsieur Kay , French Photographer

    I love his work ! there are many famous models, influencers and beautiful unknow french boys : http://www.instagram.com/monsieurkay Giovanni Bonamy : Agustin Bruno : French Twins :
  26. 1

    Photographer Richard Phibbs

    Does anyone have any of these pics that aren’t censored? Does anyone know more about this photographer or these images?
  27. S

    Help needed in baltimore md

    HELP NEEDED North Baltimore Catons Ave area. My Top and I would like someone to join us and help out. We need someone who would be willing to film and take photos of my CBT sessions. As well as help out with the sessions, as in you will get a turn with me. We have other ideas for things but that...
  28. Yurnero

    Habib caiado

    Does anyone have nudes on this hot guy? Please share
  29. S

    Nude photo seasion in orlando

    anyone up for some fun in front of the camera? PM me for details
  30. F

    Onlyfns accounts of models/photographers to avoid !!!

    Hello everyone, This thread to list Onlyfans Accounts you should not subscribe to, in order to prevent you from wasting money and discouraging their owners to keep on scaming. I create this thread because I'm tired of this kind of behaviour and tired of wasting my money, and I'm sure it could...