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  1. T

    Male Models Pissing During Photoshoot (Non-Porn)

  2. P

    Lovorko Preprotnik

    Anything on him? recently found his Instagram
  3. Q

    can someone ID the maker of this video?

    I find the video from thisvid https://thisvid.com/videos/fucking-texas-farmer/ I need to know the maker or website. I need to look for the other content
  4. Q

    Can someone id this video?

    I find this on thisvid https://thisvid.com/videos/fucking-texas-farmer/ I need to know who is the maker. I need to find the other content.
  5. B

    New member - short cute lovely slim fit bottom from Vietnam

    Me live in HCM city , Vietnam and would like to meet all guys for experience, discussion, travel Yes I am bottom role,much interested in sex and care about men around, but with friendliness and Sociable , modest and genuine Interested in 1-1 or group xx or even dream of being/becoming amateur...
  6. Quinn2023

    Video Photoshoot

    I'm obsessed with Photoshoots videos of behind the scenes of models having sex and/or posing naked hard and cumming.
  7. Quinn2023

    Photos & Videos Asian Magazines

    A thread for all the asian magazines that do explicit content with full frontals, including cumshot videos in their BTS videos. Aa Ohm aka Jirapong Thongsavee for ONYX 04 and Bang! 9
  8. melodysowner

    Photos & Videos Xianroubao / A_meat_bun / Rou Bau ?

    This is my first time making a thread here so i honestly don't know if i'm doing it right or not... I barely post here but i decided to make one for this guy because he is perfect to me and there is a LOT of content of him around (including +18, nudes, porn photoshoots, etc) but everything is...
  9. F

    Missing Online Cam Fun So Much

    got my skype account flagged and shut down (no idea why) a few months ago plus I haven't been alone for more than 15 mins since about then anyway. I'm missing showing off, chatting and posing for screen caps so much. Check out my photos and let me know you think. What poses would you get me...
  10. D

    My True Stories

    My stories are true... If you care to read them... LisaViva's blog | LPSG
  11. A

    David "wolfman" Williams

    So, I was browsing through LPSG forums and found a thread that reminded me of one of my first international crushes ever. This is David Williams, a former professional Rugby player from Australia. He was born in August 4, 1986 in Sidney, Australia. In 2008, Williams developed a cult following...
  12. T

    Harry Sellers

    New photoshoot just released with VictorMagBrasil. Lots of hot underwear shots. Bit obsessed with that perfect chest too.
  13. J

    Favorite Group Shots

    A thread to share some of your favorite group nude shots of hot men!
  14. P

    Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

    Hi New to the forums, watched for a long while and decided to start contributing. Hope you enjoy. Looking for some hot bts videos, casting type, photographer interaction. My personal favourites would be likes of Bentley Race and Chris Geary. Unfortunately they're hard to come across nowadays...
  15. M

    Tiago Oliveira De Medeiros / Tioliveer

    Sexy Brazilian model hairstylist Tiago Oliveira de Medeiros. Instagram username: tioliveer Credit: Cactos Magazine
  16. J

    Do you find this guy attractive? what would you rate him?

  17. S

    Photoshoots before scene

    I am looking for videos of photoshoots before the porn scene where the male fucks between shoots to stay hard or because he is really horny. Or they fuck for their pleasure at breaks when the photographer rests etc An example is the below scene especially at 45:25 it gets really hot