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  1. H

    Photo Fakes (of Men You Know)

    So does anyone have any fakes of people they know IRL? A friend of mine had fakes she made back in the day of our hot male teacher that we would both drool over. It was the hottest thing and kicked off a fantasy of editing myself in the photos too lol :oops:o_O
  2. Rican84

    Anyone Else Tired Of Photoshopped Pics?

    so many photoshopped pics in these threads. Most of them you can tell are blatant edits. Some are done so well but I can tell. I find it corny.
  3. 1

    Male Celeb Fakers

    i dont know a lot of people who do fakes of male celebs and wanted to know if anyone has any recomendations?
  4. KengoNaininchi

    Fake Pic Requests

    I have a lot of fun making “photoshop” fake pics for people. I especially like putting people in porn scenes. If anyone has a fantasy they’d like to see themselves in then send me a private message and I’ll be happy to share it back with you. I won’t share it with anyone else but I will collect...
  5. xaussieguy1x

    Photo Any male faker artists around?

    Hello hello. I am looking for any people out there who have photo editing skills who would be willing to make gay fakes of Australian AFL or NRL players. Get in touch if you can help