physical attractiveness

  1. F

    The Ultimate Dream Guy: Physical and Mental Checklist

    We all have certain types of guys we find attractive, and sometimes we have multiple types. But have you ever met the ultimate dream guy who ticks all the physical or mental boxes or both and is almost like a living fantasy? If so, how did it go when you met him? If not, describe him.
  2. fakboi

    What if you are hot by your own standards?

    If you have the body type you find the most attractive in a partner or if you come reasonably close to it, what is it like? Do you often get turned on when seeing or touching your body? If your body didn't satisfy your own preferences, while others would still find it hot, would there be some...
  3. TallHung

    Who Finds Men Attractive But The Sex Is Not Fulfilling

    I'm a 55 year old guy who has had a few sexual encounters with men. These men were guys l found very attractive; they fit the mold and where definitely my "type". However, in none of these encounters did I experience the euphoric feelings I have with women. This shouldn't be a big surprise as...
  4. 1

    Physical Attractiveness And Quality Of Sex?

    I doubt this has been explored here before. The question is, do you find better sex with girls that are highly physically attractive (considered 8 and above), or average looking girls? In my experience, chemistry always plays a massive role. Some of my most intense sex was with girls who...