1. Iceguytv

    Netflix’a Physical 100

    South Korean show that started on Netflix. Hot guys everywhere. Tarzan is my fav. Anyone else watching?
  2. J

    M@le Phys!cal 2.O

    Seems like the original was deleted. A few new volumes have been released. Anyone happen to find them?
  3. TallHung

    Who Finds Men Attractive But The Sex Is Not Fulfilling

    I'm a 55 year old guy who has had a few sexual encounters with men. These men were guys l found very attractive; they fit the mold and where definitely my "type". However, in none of these encounters did I experience the euphoric feelings I have with women. This shouldn't be a big surprise as...
  4. D

    Male Physical

    anyone have male physical vids? can't seem to find full vids anymore :(
  5. spaj8987

    What Would You Consider Logical To Physically Fight Over?

    When it comes to your average heterosexual guy there's a very long list of reasons we would get physical with another person. One of them being sexual advances from other men. Which got me to thinking. That wouldn't be nearly as much of an issue when it comes to gay or bisexual men? That gay and...
  6. Y

    Erections During Physicals Or Communal Showers?

    Have any of you ever gotten am obvious boner during a nude physical exam or in communal showers? How did the doctor or other guys react to seeing it?
  7. F

    Kevin Griffin - Jock Physical

    anyone stumbled upon other stuffs from him? this is the only one i can find of him GayForIt - Free Gay Porn Videos - Kevin Griffin Physical Exam
  8. L

    Appearances And Dicks

    Ever found a physical characteristic on a man that allows you to understand something about his cock?
  9. J

    Discreet measuring service / exam - london

    Hey guys, Just thought I’d see if any guys are interested in being measured / examined in a discreet environment? Would be happy to provide this service to any lads interested in having someone else take various measurements of them and receiving a roleplay style physical exam. Happy to...