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pick up

  1. Tagood7

    Pick Up Line Or No?

    There’s a guy in the garden center at Walmart I always thought was kind of cute. The other day I was there outside getting some bags of soil (for my garden) and he was out doing some work. He saw my HRC equality sticker on my trunk. He said “I like your HRC equality sticker.” Was he hinting that...
  2. W

    Do you like to see a man in my condition in public?

    I like to stretch my balls and wrap them to stay that way. do you like to see a man in my condition in public, would you ask him questions, would you go up to him to talk?
  3. Capitolhillguy

    Have you ever propositioned a stranger on the street and then tricked?

    One of my biggest fantasies is to proposition a stranger on an elevator or on the street, not knowing if he likes men or is flirting with me, and end up having sex with him. Has this ever happened for you? Details.