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  1. P

    Photos & Videos Sexting/sharing Hotwife

    Hello, not sure if this is a thread that exists but perhaps some of you have found or have pictures/screenshots or videos of a hotwife (or yours) sexting and then follow up videos meeting up with their partner/bull.. Care to share? ;)
  2. C

    Photos & Videos Anything Of Of/cjmuslcebear84 + Twitter/carl_and_cubby?

    Hey, is anyone subscribed to OnlyFans His Twitter is full with how stuff Twitter: https://twitter.com/carl_and_cubby?s=21
  3. D

    Photo Share Your Uncut Cock

    Just a place for you to share your uncut member or if your just like em :)
  4. Mordecai_

    Mordecai's Pix

    Hey Fellas, I'm looking to do a little pruning of my pix and need your help to weed out some of the less desirable among the 267 images I have posted to date. Currently I have 11 albums: Mordecai Pix Mordecai Unleashed Mordecai Manscaped Pumping Around Dick and Balls Gear Rings and Things...
  5. L

    X_renexx - Tiktok, Insta, Twitter, Onlyfans

    Hey lads, Does anyone have anything of this super cute gay fellow @x_renexx (on nearly every social media it's his Nick), his real name is Rene Schwarzfeller he is from germany and 23 yrs old. He used to be kinda of a slut and posted a lot of this - but there is nothing left :( Thx in reward
  6. 3

    Pictures Only?

    Would it be possible to have a feature implemented where you can choose to view all images/videos within a forum. Sometimes the fighting and bickering is so space consuming sometimes its a drag to go through it all.. Is there a possibility of a view all media option in the future to ignore the...
  7. Aussieking

    Links Free Onlyfans Page!!

    OnlyFans Add my free only fans to see more of me ;)
  8. chadfdecker

    Photo Foot Fetish Pics And Gifs

    I didn't find any thread on foot fetish pictures and gifs - sorry if I'm wrong - so I decided to start a new one and share some of my collection. Here's some foot tasting to begin with...
  9. 5

    Gallery Settings Question

    Do the settings for the album supersede any settings you have set for individual pictures? For example: I have a gallery called Photos. I have set the settings for that gallery to: View this album: Registered Users Comment On This Album: Registered Users However if I go to a specific photo and...
  10. ZeusNotApollo

    Posting A Pic From An Ipad

    Being a tech dinosaur at 58 could someone please assist me in posting a picture from an iPad. Thank you in andvance for your time and help.
  11. 6

    Photo Rhum808

    Can anyone have his full videos? He do videos like he is asia fucking white man. And it turn me on.
  12. T

    Have To Pose Naked

    OMG, I have just lost a dare challenge and now have to pose naked (on webcam) for 5 people. Skype: ps35on or message me if you prefer another online site. I'm late 40's Australian, tall, smooth body. Can't believe I'm doing this
  13. 1

    Quick Stats On Photos

    Hey Devs, Is there a way to get the same three button quick stats on all the photo pages? Currently when I view on mobile and go to the photos page on my profile, I can see the number of likes, comments, and views at the bottom of each picture. However, I can't see those same stats when I go to...
  14. 1

    Pix / No Pix

    Hi. Is there a setting somewhere to block (or not see) the profiles and posts of members who do not have any pictures on their profiles? Is there a statistic available on the percentage of lpsg members who actually have uploaded pictures? Thanks! Cheers
  15. J

    Photo Onlyfans Hugeandhung

    No clue what his name is. His IG: hugeandhung1. His 0f.com/hugeandhung Anyone got pics and/or vids to share?
  16. J

    Photo Fred larsen aka bear_girth

    this guy (Fred Larsen) has an onlyfans page (onlyfans.com/bear_girth). Anyone have these nude videos and pictures available to share? :)
  17. salopesud

    Tributes and fun

    Sometimes in these games sometimes not These days yes... welcome for video tributes if you like me and/or hubby cock comparisons (pics) pm me or use my pics
  18. BabyGatorSquirter

    Sharing pics of your wife/gf

    I see a lot of albums with guys sharing pictures or videos with their wife/gf. I’m curious, how many of your ladies are also involved on the site, or know they are being posted? If they are aware, how do they like it? Do you share the comments people make about her/you? How did you bring the...
  19. 1

    The sos scale for pictures!

    I thought it might be a good idea that if you post a picture of your penis, to include a scale of stiffness. Let's call it the SOS scale (brilliant, I know ;)). You post a picture of your junior, willy or however you want to call it and let us know where to place it on the SOS scale! Cause...