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  1. S

    [video] - expression of love

  2. Piss Tubes and Peacocking

    Piss Tubes and Peacocking

    Deployed in Iraq (and I daresay most other places) one of the go-to means of hygiene is the installation of “piss tubes”. To curb men from whipping their cocks out just anywhere to take a piss and without having to use the shitters, designated latrine areas often include a corner or screened-off...
  3. PissPigCasper


    Dirty minded and horned up and always cruising the parks and trails or any other dirty, seedy or abandoned location for some dirty bro to get WILD and pork out with outside. Into piss, fetish gear, making vids, dirty tight jeans or sports gear and also like wrestling and sometimes escorting...
  4. S

    athlete underwear, lycra and speedos for sale

    Hey Hey, I am a semi professional athlete that trains full-time and is based in Australia. I spend most of my days in lycra, speedos etc. I have lots of smelly gear to sell to anyone that is interested. Trying to sell my gear to fund my trip to race in world championships.. I train and study...
  5. N

    Hunk pissing outdoors ID

    Anyone know who this adonis is?
  6. EvanEdge


    I really love this couple, does anyone got some of their OF vids and pics ? - https://twitter.com/sportswearlads
  7. throaterboy


    I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread made about him. He's on Chaturbate and posts on pornhub too here are his links: Pornhub: Menbienn2019's Porn Videos | Pornhub Chaturbate: Watch Menbienn2017 live on Chaturbate!
  8. MCR_Boy

    Manchester Foot Worship And Piss Kink

    27 year old in Manchester looking for hot guys who want their sweaty feet worshipped or are looking to piss all over a sub. Both scenarios will result in my sucking you off until you cum all over my face, in my mouth or anywhere of your choice. I can accom so if you're interested just send...
  9. Q

    Lad Exposed

    Add him on kik; brown14892 He want to expose himself. Like if you add him.
  10. T

    Dirty Pig Sub Male For Humiliation, Tease, Denial And Punishment.

    Please I would like a dominant (sex does not matter) to add me on skype - humiliateme3 Pig sub married male. Please pick a num 1 to 31 from my control list. PLEASE DENY ME of cum or make me drink but not piss even if i am leaking and really sensitive. Degrade me, humiliate me, use me for dirty...
  11. T

    Restrooms With Best Urinal For Cock Peeping

    Used to get great views along 95 in NJ, but the rest stops are being updated. Any good recommendations to show off and see other cocks?
  12. N

    D-nero Master Dnero Str8 Crush Feet

    Looking for the only fans content of Master dnero https://twitter.com/masterdnero?s=21 Eight Leroi https://twitter.com/eightthousands?s=21 Chilean_twink https://twitter.com/chilean_twink?s=21
  13. carsonmccullers

    Armiecammer Of

    He’s @ armiecammer on OF and @ pisskinkarmiehammer on TikTok. Anyone have anything?
  14. Dublinlad7

    Uncut Irish, Skype

    Hey, 38 Irish here. Uncut. Huge pre/cummer. Power loads. Looking for skype fun with guys. Love wanking hard, edging, rings, ws. Skype - DAD77@outlook.ie
  15. Dublinlad7

    Skye Mates. Uncut Here.

    Hey, 38 Irish here. Uncut. Huge pre cummer and cummer. Looking for guys for fun on skype. Few fetishes. Skype - DAD77@OUTLOOK.IE
  16. C

    Accidental Piss

    Anyone have any good videos or photos of guys accidentally pissing. Whether that being pissing accidentally in public or during sex. Especially if they are bottoming
  17. A

    Male Dirty Kissing

    I'd like you to share your videos of men kissing full of cum or piss on their mouth. It's a huuuge turn on for me!!! Example one Example two Example three
  18. Analhorny

    Photos & Videos Ass Lovers

    Busty milf gets her holes plugged by big black cocks
  19. Bear_Ottawa

    Video Can Anyone Id This Master?

    Does anyone know this stud? Does he have a site? Or is there any other videos of him out in cyberspace? Thanks for any info. Bear
  20. D

    Kik Watersports

    Anyone up for watersports fun on Kik? Sharing photos, videos and stories. Solo chats and maybe a group if there's enough of us. Kik: hbkfan43
  21. J

    Piss On Yourself Bro

    Let’s see some naughty guys who love piss. Let’s see you piss on your self. Piss and drink it. Whatever you want to share x
  22. Oyster21

    Piss In Ass

    Looking for vids where one guy pisses in ass of the other Armond Rizzo & Lukas Cipriani In Lets Flip For It 2 at GayPorno.fm Nasty Punk Pig Fuck (Bareback) | GayPornWave.com Pissing deep in his ass
  23. Oyster21

    Piss Drinking

    Looking for vids where the guy actually swallows piss like in those: Viktor Rom che piscia in bocca Two Young Guys Are Drinking Piss From A Black Cok ! | Hotntubes.com Slamboyz - Michael Lucas Pisses On Ruslan Angelo
  24. C

    Piss Fetish

    I have recently become interested in the piss fetish. I am very attracted to feeling my own hot piss, and I would love to feel someone else's. Does it attract you too? How did you start?
  25. Jinx666

    Who Is This Guy ?

    Any one know ? Hes so hot lol Swipe right on the video to see the other one
  26. A

    Video Piss Fetish - Video Id?

    Does anyone know who this guy is? Does he have a website? Does he have other videos? Drinking his piss in the park - ThisVid.com Piss slave with two Master outdoor - ThisVid.com
  27. J

    Fedx/you Pee S ;

    Recently started at my new job at FedX two weeks ago and as holidays are approaching I needed extra cash so yeah. As most of you know. They don’t have restrooms inside the trucks. (They have to find a bathroom or make their own bathroom lol (lot of drivers tend to pee in water bottles)...
  28. Adrian69702006

    Encountering Carla

    (This is a new story which I have just completed and plan to share on other forums too. I hope you enjoy it.) The early morning light streamed into the bedroom of Juan’s university accommodation. As a first year he was lucky to have a pad all to himself. Right now, he didn’t feel so lucky...
  29. 909Biggie

    You Win

    “You Win” I entered the men’s room and noticed the long row of urinals along the far wall. There they waited, placed nicely on the wall a cool foot apart from each other, inviting men to uninhibitedly bare their wares in the presence of others of like mind. I love unguarded urinals; they help...
  30. 0

    Photos & Videos Who Is This Guy?

    Who is this guy? I've always wondered about his name, age and location. He's almost definitely an accomplished sportsman, considering how many medals he has on his wall.