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  1. UncutLizard1998

    How do you piss-cum?

    So found a pretty interesting guy on Xvideos: Chengli0709 - Profile page - XVIDEOS.COM From what I see, he basically cums piss, with a huge force. How do you do that? Best example: It's pretty fucking hot, and would love to give my partners a experience like that =P
  2. N

    Help identifying brazilian piss fag

    Does anyone know his twitter/onlyfans username or something? He’s so hot Getting piss - ThisVid.com Drinking own piss - video 2 - ThisVid.com
  3. B

    Outdoor piss spy

    Hi, this is a thread for men pissing outdoors but didn’t know it was filmed. Preferably images and vids from the uk. thanks for any response
  4. T

    Please help me find the men in this video with a young dom

    Definitely one of the hottest video I've EVER seen. The young dom is SO hot and I love how dominant he is toward the older daddy sub. Please anyone know who they are? Esp the top? THANKS.
  5. B

    Help ID hot pissing guy

    Anyone know who this is?
  6. T

    Male Models Pissing During Photoshoot (Non-Porn)

  7. D

    Help ID?

    Does anyone know who this is or if there is a longer video anywhere? https://thisvid.com/videos/what-more/ Any help would be appreciated :)
  8. B

    Video Anyone know who this crazy guy is?

    Can anyone identify this sexy crazy piss stud from the video?
  9. M

    Can anyone help me find more on this guy

    I have tried to find more of this guy, he is SO HOT!!!! Have seen one other video of him but just wandering if he has an OF or not!
  10. S

    Pissing in the street

  11. D

    Photos & Videos Jonah's Favourite Porn

  12. S

    Bi switch

    Hello I'm new to lpsg looking to either be used or use someone any gender on social media. No chubs or old My kinks: sub, Dom, master slave, blackmail, exposure, light cbt, light bdsm, panties, piss, humiliation, spanking, wedgies hmu Kik: slimbiboy6 snap: ready_heated
  13. P

    Fist, food, piss - kinky

    Hi guys, looking for a guy to be my slave. I like to watch food play, food fisting, watersports, kinky fun. You have to be under 45yo. Im 29yo. Add me on skype: Join conversation
  14. M

    Help ID: Ginger mustache piss hose / sprays face

    Found this hot video and desperately need to know who this hot ginger is. He sprays his own face/mustache with piss (with incredible force, like a garden hose!), laughs, and keeps pissing all over his face, hat, and shirt. Any help is much appreciated!
  15. N

    Wetting in clothes and/ or underwear/lingerie

    Hi. Is anyone else into wetting or desperation. I'm into both and do it reguarly. I'd love to chat about it
  16. I

    Show in OF! Itsmysecretlife94

  17. S

    Video Can anyone identify the scene or the model on this piss video?

    Anyone knows who is this model or where is this video from? Deepthroat urinary - ThisVid.com
  18. A

    Pissing Snapchat Group

    A new snapchat group for guys to send their pissing videos and pictures. Rules: - Skinny/Slim/Fit Guy - 18-35 years old - Willing to share pictures ;) Send your snapchat username and you will be added.
  19. Andylad

    Piss lovers on Skype

    Looking to create a group of like minded 20 to 50 year old guys that are interested in piss play on Skype. Add Andylad73 and let me know what you are in to
  20. A

    New here. Aandy28891 Add me on snap and to groups

    Hey. New here. Looking for groups and hot gay guys to wank and cun with. Really dirty and filthy. Into pretty much anything add me in snap. aandy28891
  21. HeelFaceLover180

    Photos & Videos Under the Kilt

    Recently I have been fantasizing about sucking and fucking men under their kilts so... have you too?, know the experience of doing so?, got videos about visible dicks, guys pissing, guys fucking with their kilts on?, if you do and like it then come to this thread and lets have fun! Here are the...
  22. H

    Photos & Videos Snapchat group for gay boys

    Will be making a Snapchat group for gays to show off anything they want all kinks and fetishised welcome
  23. Q

    Snapchat piss

    Ello boys would love to see guys pissing. If you like show you pissing or have videos of guys pissing. Then please dm me and ill add your snap. If i get enough ill start a pissing snapchat group.
  24. Q

    Snapchat group

    Ello fellas looking to start a snapchat group for boys that like to show them pissing. Or to post hot guys pissing. If you want to join and share you pissing then dm me and ill add/start the group. Please only dm me if you are serious about showing. Thanks boy happy pissing
  25. C

    Sniffing brother in law

    I tasted my brother in laws piss last night. I had just gotten done cleaning the toilet when he came over for a visit. He used the restroom before he left and I go in there to find pee droplets on the rim of the bowl. It was a bit salty. I’ve also sniffed his used briefs several times. His balls...
  26. S

    [video] - expression of love

  27. Piss Tubes and Peacocking

    Piss Tubes and Peacocking

    Deployed in Iraq (and I daresay most other places) one of the go-to means of hygiene is the installation of “piss tubes”. To curb men from whipping their cocks out just anywhere to take a piss and without having to use the shitters, designated latrine areas often include a corner or screened-off...
  28. PissPigCasper


    Dirty minded and horned up and always cruising the parks and trails or any other dirty, seedy or abandoned location for some dirty bro to get WILD and pork out with outside. Into piss, fetish gear, making vids, dirty tight jeans or sports gear and also like wrestling and sometimes escorting...
  29. S

    athlete underwear, lycra and speedos for sale

    Hey Hey, I am a semi professional athlete that trains full-time and is based in Australia. I spend most of my days in lycra, speedos etc. I have lots of smelly gear to sell to anyone that is interested. Trying to sell my gear to fund my trip to race in world championships.. I train and study...
  30. N

    Hunk pissing outdoors ID

    Anyone know who this adonis is?